Monday, February 13, 2012

Mail and choices!

There are days when you just have to love what you get in the mail :) And today has certainly been a good one!

With all the excitement of the past week I'm afraid that I only managed to get my Spring biscornu into the mail today - and what did I get in my mail box? This beauty .....

Spring Biscornu Exchange

This biscornu is even more special as it was Mary's first attempt at making one - and I think she has done spendidly marvelous!

As mentioned before, I've signed up for "The Dawn of Spring" SAL being hosted at the Friendly Stitches. I've decided on my fabric - called "Confetti" by Picture This Plus - but deciding on the threads has been a lot more challenging than I assumed it would be. I've narrowed it down to these 3 schemes:

Blue-ish and Pinks

Decisions.....Decisions..... I'm leaning towards the Pastels...but I like the blue/pinks too!

I've decided to devote the better part of this week to stitching on "The Library", so that's where I'm heading to now. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

Take care x x 


Gillie said...

Think I like the the first one. Love the fabrics. Also Mary's biscornu is perfect, so springlike!

Pete's Pixie said...

Oh well done to Mary for her first biscornu you lucky thing! As for the choices I am leaning towards the pastels too. I have chosen my fabric but haven't got anywhere near the threads yet - ah well still have a few weeks to make up my mind! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Ally xx

Ruth said...

I love the biscornu and for a first attempt its truly stunning.
I'm leaning towards the pastels I think it has some greens in it to blend with the material and then other colours to lift the whole thing, not that you asked lol.

Mouse said...

ohhhh that is gorgeous from Mary :) and mmmm think the pastels does it for me too :)
love mouse xxxxx

Nicola said...

Mary's biscornu is stitched beautifully as is so springlike.

Linda said...

I like the pastels, but I think the pinks will show up better on the fabric. Love the fabby.


Denise SA said...

Lovely biscornu you received such pretty colours. As to the sampler choices I think the pinks look to show up better but I like the blues too.

Maureen said...

that biscornu is just divine - so appropriate for spring! As for the threads, for the fabric you have chosen the pinks do it for me

RuthB said...

Drat -- now I have to go check out the Friendly SAL..... For now I lean to the pinks ad the pastels, but I'm reserving judgement. I am certai nof one thing -- any of your choices will turn out beautifully----just look at your daffodils :)

Lizzy Pizzy said...

That's certainly a gorgeous biscornu from Mary - love the beads. Lucky you.
As for choosing floss for your lovely fabby - I tend towards the blues/pinks, but you could always do a couple of test patches along the edges. I still have the hardest time imagining how hand dyed floss is going to look on fabby, and sometimes it can depend on what the design is (open patterns look really different to blocks of colour once stitched in HDFs). More of a challenge still to choose with a mystery sampler!!!
Liz x

Terri said...

Lucky you, that's a gorgeous biscornu! And your color choices are all great, but I have to say the pinks are my favorite :-)