Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet Sunday!

Well, after a a rumbustious Saturday, I spent the evening doing very little....actually I admit - I did not stitch a stitch! Rather, I started a new book - Ruth  you'll be pleased to know that I've started Pride and Prejudice and am enjoying what I've read so far (the first few chapters).

I decided to keep Sunday quiet and managed to do a little bit of this and that :)

I did a bit of stitching the afternoon on my Calcico Crossroads kitty which is my Crazy from Day 3. This was what it looked like when I left it on Day 3

"The Other White Meat" by Calico Crossroads
And this is what it looked like when I stopped working on it at about 6pm yesterday

"The Other White Meat" by Calico Crossroads
Stiched on 14ct White Aida with DMC threads

In between the stitching there was ofcourse the making of lunch and then some baking (no helpers this time though as they were taking a swim while Dad watched them)

Muffin anyone?
Last night I picked up one of my old pieces - which brings me to the question "When is a WIP no longer a WIP, but a UFO?" or "When is a UFO no longer a UFO?" - I've had The Lions in my work basket all this time but have really not stitched on it for a few months - hence the question.
I'd thought that I had a pic of where I had last left it but that was not the case. I put in about 400 stitches though....

Lions - Power and Grace by John Clayton
Stitched on 27 ct evenweave with DMC threads
I have yet to decide what I am stitching on this week - it may just be some more of the lions, or maybe I need to pick up Enchantress again ....will decide this evening.

My work is having it's annual conference over the next few days, so tomorrow morning bright and early I am boarding a plane to Cape Town. We should be flying back on Thursday, but I've decided to spend the weekend there with my folks so will only be back on Sunday evening. I'm looking forward to spending some time at home with the old people :)

Have yourselves a wonderful week!

Take care x x


Ruth said...

I'm so glad your enjoying Pride and Prejudice, you will now have to read her remaining works when this is complete and see which you like most, me its always Pride and Prejudice lol.
Love the progress you made on your little cat, its very cute and the lions are looking great, they will be a stunning piece when complete.
Enjoy your few days away, the rest will do you good and you'll be all recharged when you return to your hectic schedule.

Nicola said...

Pride and prejudice is such a wonderful book and I agree with Ruth you will have to read her other novels.

Enjoy your business trip.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

I love Pride and Prejudice! If you enjoy audiobooks, you'll have to try the dramatic reading of Pride and Prejudice on It's wonderful!

Your stitching is coming along so nicely! Love your lions!!