Monday, April 2, 2012

And so ends March...

Well it's a day or so late in the posting I know, but here is an update on the goals I had set for myself at the start of March:

March Goals
  • Finish "Power and Grace" - not quite done!
  • Start Dawn of Spring" SAL - DONE
  • Start my Round Robin for OM  - DONE
  • Complete the letters A-C of Chris Davenport's "Alphabet Learner"  - DONE
  • Watch my "Learning to Crochet" DVD and complete a practise block - not quite done!
As I've already posted pics of the DOS Sampler, this is my "Alphabet Learner" and what I had stitched for my round robin,

Paul Davenport's "Alphabet Learner"
Stitched on 18ct Aida
A Dimensions Kit

Design by Lucie Heaton, Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 140
Stitched on 14ct Aida using recommended DMC threads

I am going to have to carry over my "Power and Grace" and crochet ambitions for another month! 3 out of 5 is not all *that* it??

These past few days have seen me lazy lazy lazy and not stitching at all! MIL, SIL and her hubby are here for a visit and it's the school holidays, so very little stitching taking place!

April Goals
  • Spend a minimum of 10 hours on "Power and Grace" - thanks for the idea of setting time as a goal Ruth!
  • Start DoS part2 - Ms Mouse should be sending it out on the 10th :)
  • Knit something small
  • Watch my "Learning to Crochet" DVD and complete a practise block
  • Complete the letters D-G of Chris Davenport's "Alphabet Learner"
  • Finish "The Other White Meat"
  • Frog "Pirate Queen" and make a new start
Too ambitious? Maybe! Will have to see the end of April won't we :)

There's still 10 days left to enter my give-away, so head on over here and have a peak :)

Take care x x


Ruth said...

I love your rr pieces and the alphapbet, very cute and colourful.
You enjoy your visitors while you have them, lots of time for stitching when they are gone. I think you did great on March's goals, to me its not about making sure everything is done, its about giving the month some direction and you've a great list there for April. I like the idea of a time goal on some projects especially the larger ones where it will take a bit of time to complete.
What are you reading lately ?

dulcinella said...

three our of five is not bad at all, it is very well done! you made quite some progress. so congrats on your progress.

Chelle said...

Adorable! Love the little honey bees and the alphabet is so cute!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

What cute stitching! I haven't seen the Alphabet one before. It's adorable! And I think you are doing well on your goals!!


Mouse said...

ooo well you did get loads done so you are allowed some time off hehehe
cute one with the bees on it :)
and only 7 more days to go love mouse xxxxx

Linda said...

The alphabet piece is so cute. I don't think your April goals are bad at all.


Denise SA said...

Love your alphabet and those bees are gorgeous

Tricia said...

Well done thoeria on your goals, looks like you'll be just as busy for April.
Just want you to know that I have given you the Liebster Blog award you can find details on my blog at