Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I've been busy!

Yes indeed I have! Very busy! Like a bee busy :)

The in-laws left on Saturday morning and I spent the rest of the long week-end being ..... busy. Did I say that before? LOL

Well what, I hear you ask, have been busy with in my busy-ness? Well..... I've done this....

Starfish Facecloth
Knitted with Elle 100% Bamboo
I found the pattern while blog hopping and have it written down at home - at work now :( Will definitely put the site down in my next post!

Worked on this....
Paul Davenport's Alphabet Learner

And finished this......
"The Other White Meat" by Calico Crossroads
Stitched on 14ct Aida with DMC threads
Not too shabby I think! And in-between all of the above we also took the kids to the theatre to watch a hilarious rendition of Alice in Wonderland :) How's that for busy?

Oh! Oh! Oh! And I forgot to mention that I also watched my crochet DVD and can now make a chain, and also a rather sick version of a double crochet - too sickly looking for a pic but will definitely dazzle you with a gorgeous pic at some stage :)

And now I need to get back to doing what I'm being paid to do :) Have a lovely day folks!

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Wow you have been a busy bee haven't you.
Love the turquoise facelcoth and its a sure winner, just be warned they are addictive little things :)...just saying lol
Loving the alphabe series your doing and I love the little cat piece, all in all I'd say you've been very productive and with theatre and crochet thrown in :)

Denise SA said...

You certainly been busy it fact I feel tired now that I read your blog but think that is the meds.
love the colour of your wash cloth

Tricia said...

Wow thoeria a busy bee or what, Loving the facecloth and as Ruth said they are addictive :0),
Congrates on the crochet no stopping you now lol xx

Linda said...

Congrats on finsihing The Other White Meat. Those charts are so cute and I have about 15 of them - started one years ago. Great facecloth love the color. The alphabet sampler is coming along nicely.