Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Bit of This and That

I've been naughty....oh so naughty! Why? Well... I've done very little stitching the last few days. Last week saw me do a bit and then...Saturday came and we were at the soccer field for middle bug's tournament - only got home after 3 and really did not feel like doing anything! And this feeling has persisted into the week. I've made a small start on DoS 2, so small that I can not, in fact, show you a pic of it! I can. however show you a few other pics of the stuff I did last week :)

I finished up a bit more on my "Alphabet Sampler"

Paul Davenport's Alphabet Sampler
I frogged "Pirate Queen" and made a new start. This time I decided to start right at the top - I figure that this way I can't go wrong...right?

Pirate Queen's new start
And I've been messing with wool

Messing with Wool
I love this wool - it hides all imperfections :) I'm hoping that when I'm eventually done with it that it will be a little coat (or a jersey - haven't decided yet) when I am done.

A few posts back Ruth had asked what I've been reading....well sadly I have to report that even my reading has hit a bit of a wall. I started Wuthering Heights quite a while back and just haven't been that into it - to such a degree that I am not reading at all! I did pick up a Johanna Lindsey novella though - historical romance at it's steamiest :) I needed something light and frothy after the darkness of Wuthering Heights, which I will persevere through and finish - sometime!

Hopefully this weekend will see more stitching done as I am off from work from tomorrow until next Wednesday :)

Have a wonderful day all, and thanks for stopping by!

Take care x x


Mouse said...

ooo well done with the restitch of the pirate queen and fingers crossed it is right this time ;) the wee alphabet is coming along nicely too....
and cooo love the colours on that wool :)
love mouse xxxxx

Ruth said...

Love the alphabet sampler and that wool looks so cool, but it would drive me totally bonkers, I'm a neat freak rofl....
Wuthering Heights ! oh my now theres a depressing book and heavy going , way to go you for reading it. I've read it and once in my lifetime is enough I feel to read it lol. Its very dark and depressing, no wonder you were after a bit of steamy historical romance even I'd need chick lit after it.
How about some Nora Roberts, she's quite good for light reading, me I'd chuck WH to one side until your in the right frame of mind for it.

Linda said...

Great progress on both pieces Thoeria. I just love the alphabet one. We are get stitching slumps. Your stitching mojo will return.


Monique said...

I am also looking forward to the long weekend. No rushing little one to school and hopefully lots of stitching time. I am loving that alphabet sampler and can't wait to watch your progress on your pirate as I love that dedsign.

Denise SA said...

Well done for persevering and restarting pirate queen remember we stitch for enjoyment so no police will come round if you don't stitch

RuthB said...

Never fear, the stitching will call to you soon.... possibly to the exclusion of all other compulsions. :)

Too funny on the Wuthering Heights -- I'm reading the 3rd Jasper Fforde Thursday Next novel and this morning Wuthering Heights was featuring prominently in my reading of it. Kinda funny how things crop up like that.

Beast stitching and reading wishes!