Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dawn of Spring Part 2

After much ummming and aaahhh-ing....I finally knuckled down and got cracking with the second part of Mouse's lovely band sampler. I've never done any real stitching with ribbon, so I'm pretty chuffed with how my spider roses turned out. They're a bit lopsided here and there, but I think they add character :)

I had been thinking about ripping it all and starting afresh with a new colour choice, but decided to listen to Ruth and give part 2 a go and see .... 
I did rip out the band of smyrna and cushion as I realised why it was bothering me - I am doing the cross stitch with 1 strand silk over 2, but for some odd, unexplained and unfathomable reason ( I must have been half asleep!), I had done this band with 2 strands of silk, which made the band look rather bulky. Now that I've redone it with 1 strand of silk, I am liking the effect much better and don't think I will be ripping this out anytime soon :)

Dawn of  Spring Part 2

My "character" spider roses :)

This evening will see my return to ............THE GYM!
I finally caved in and decided that I'll give it one more try and hopefully I will be lucky this time round :) As they close at 9.30pm, it means I can go after homework and all the other family obligations. I'm hoping to get there just after 8 and maybe stay for about an hour. Hubby will be home with the sleeping kiddos so atleast I don't have to worry about them. Wish me luck! You'll no doubt get to hear all about my foray into the world of treadmills and sweat over the next while :)

Take care x x


Stitching Noni said...

You're braver than me! Im sure my body would go into cardiac arrest if I went to a gym at anytime let alone at that time of the night ;0). Good luck!! Your stitching looks lovely. Cute spiders! ;0)

Mouse said...

ohhhhh they look sooo pretty didn't realise you had done them in the silk ribbon from the other photo .. cooooooooo well done that lass ...
and way to go on the gym ... good luck with it all :)
love mouse xxxxx

Ruth said...

Well I'm still loving your band sampler, the colours are all blending well together, perhaps you need to come see them on my computer lol.
Really cool spider roses, now I've not done those before and they look cool.
Oh what a scary word GYM ahhhh, I've not seen the inside of one of those since before the children and thats not today or yesterday so I wish you look and I shall stand on the sidelines and cheer you on...enough exercise for me I think ;-p

Lucie said...

The colours are gorgeous and are so spring like - glad you stuck with them :)

stitchesnscraps said...

DOS looks beautiful!! Love the ribbon roses! Well done, that! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa J.

Gillie said...

Good for you, Thoeria, best of luck! I love my walking and it has made such a difference, lots more energy.
Love the DoS.

Monique said...

You should def not rip! The colour choice is stunning and it looks really good.

Linda said...

Your band sampler is gorgeous as is. I think the spider roses are just perfect. Good luck at the gym.


Denise SA said...

What a good idea to do the roses in ribbon they look beautiful. Good luck at the gym

Milly said...


I'm new to your lovely blog.

Your sampler is looking lovely, I like your colour choice.
The spider roses look great!

Mylene said...

Hi Thoeria, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Really appreciate it.

Your band sampler is looking lovely!

I joined a Zumba class once a week which is quite expensive but that does push me to follow through otherwise if i am not in the mood i wouldn't go. It does feels good everytime we are done after an hour!

Monique said...


I have some leftover Vinnis Cotton from a project and I was wondering if you want it? It is enough to make a lot of dishcloths and is wonderful to work with. If you want them, leave me a message with your postal addie via my email (if you still have it) otherwise a message on my blog.