Thursday, May 24, 2012

What have I been up to ....

Yesterday was my littlest bug's birthday......she turned 5! I can hardly believe how quickly time has flown! My folks came up for a visit and to be here for her birthday so last night, after soccer, supper and homework, we put candles in a scrummy chocolate cake and sang "Happy Birthday". Just a small family affair :) The big party will only be next weekend - one of her little friends is having a party this weekend so we've planned her's for the 2nd of June. I forgot to get hubby to send me the pics that he took last night, so sorry no pics of my munchkin blowing out her candles.

On the stitchy front, there has been very little movement! I cannot even blame a frog for this sad lack of stitchy advancement! I've managed to do some few lines on my "New Day"

A New Day by MBTD
I also finished my round robin piece - which seemed to take forever!

AOY design courtesy of one of the WOXS magazines - forgot to write the issue down!
 I haven't even been knitting! What I have been doing though is keeping up with my gym visits! This is now my third week and I am no longer feeling as though I am about to pass out when I am on the treadmill for 5 minutes :) I've been going thrice a week - pretty good huh :) Unfortunately this has meant that the hour I would normally be spending in the evenings vegetating on the couch and stitching, is now taken up by sweating, grunting, heaving and heavy breathing at the gym:) Oh the price I have to pay to get my health back on track!

I'm thinking that I need to get cracking with Ms Mouse's DoS part 3 - this part's got some drawn thread work in it - something I have never ever tried before! So I know that I am procrastinating getting started with it ....

Hope you've all been busy - crafting, gardening, reading etc etc :)

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Happy Birthday to your littlest bug, its amazing how quick the time goes. I hope she had a wonderful time and that her birthday party is great also. I'm with you on the stitching front, very little happening but way to go you on the gym, thats fantastic. I applaud you on doing so well, me well its far to much like exercise rofl.

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely stitching progress, even if it was a little bit what you have done looks great. Keep up the great work with the gym. That is a commitment I seem to always fall away from.

Your blog is really pretty too. I am a follower. :)


Mouse said...

oooo well done on the stitching front :)
hope little bug had a lovely day and has fun on her at her big party :0
and get that cutting done heheheh .... honestly sounds worse than it is ... :)love mouse xxxx

Linda said...

I love A New Day piece. How pretty. Your RR piece is awesome too.


Dani - tkdchick said...

What an adorable round robin piece!

Monique said...


Firstly I responded to your email about the wool, and was wondering if you received my email as I habvnt heard from you.

I was also wondering if you knew any other SA stitchers? I always wish I could join a round robin but with postage costs and not being able to guarantee the safety of overseas parcels, I just don't want to do that. So I figured I would ask you if you know of more people who would be interested and whether you would be interested.

I was thinking along the lines of each of us choose our own theme and we either provide the patterns to each other or we leave it as a suprise to see what someone adds to each others pieces as long as its within that persons chosen theme.

I was thinking of having 4 or more ppl but I sure don't know any other SA stitcher except you.

What do you think?