Monday, June 18, 2012

An eventful time...

Yes's been an eventful week!

Hubby has left for Korea ... it's been over a week now and we're surviving :) He should be back on Wednesday, just in time for my eldest bug's transformation to the dreaded T-years......and for those who are wondering what that is, it's when your normally pleasant child is transformed into one of those monsters called a TEENAGER!

On the stitchy front there has been some progress....I've done a bit on "A Sticher's Prayer", as the pic will tell

From this....
To this!

I've also been fervantly stitching at DoS part pic yet as I have found a new nemesis....and it's name is BULLION KNOT! But more about my bullion woes in a later post!

I've also done some knitting, finishing off a scarf for the soon-to-be-monster bug :) I love how this yarn transforms from this....

Gorgeous lacey yarn!

to this....
Ruffle Scarf

Saturday we were supposed to be at a rugby tournament with my middle bug, but as I was given the wrong time, we arrived at the venue all excited for our first rugby tournament, only to find that the Under 7's had already played! Imagine the tears! To make up for it I let him bake - his still young enough to be bribed with a bit of mucking about in the kitchen :)

Mucking about in the kitchen
And the result of all this pouring and stirring??

Yummy chocolate cupcakes

Sunday was spent on the socer field...or the morning was...and I am happy to report that we won :)

And then to put the cherry on my activities - so to speak - some idiot dunce imbecile moron jerk person decided that it's really clever to take a corner too wide and too fast and ended up swiping my car.....and poor me innocently approaching a stop street *sigh*

I've reported the incident to the police, and tomorrow morning first thing, will be contacting the insurance inconvenient!

I do hope your days have been uneventful ones :)

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Ahhh what a nightmare, now see I'd call that Murphys law, everything that can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible moment.I'm quite familiar with Murphy myself. Perhaps I'll set some leprechauns upon him. Wishing your hubby a safe home trip and best wishes to your eldest bug, I hope the teenage years are not to terrifying for you, I'm another year or so away but I see signs already and I'm not liking them, perhaps I'll just cover my head and ignore them shall that work do you think ? Fantastic scarf and I'd say eldest bug is delighted and what a complete moron that swiped your car, makes you wonder where some got their licences and the whole inconvenience of insurance companies ahhh...I think a nice cuppa and a few of those choccie cupcakes might help, chocolate is the answer for everything IMO. Thank you for the cheering on, those pom poms are lovely ;-)

Tricia said...

Oh Thoeria,Hope Murphy's Law disappeared for you.
The scarf is just fab,loving the colour.