Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh dear...

This has not been a very good month...I've just not been able to get into anything and I'm not even sure why! So without any further ado, a quick review of my monthly goals and my lack of progress on them!

May Goals
Finish DoS Part 2 and start Part 3 (or re-start the whole sampler, parts 1-3) - not quite done - Part 2 completed but no progress as yet on Part 3
Complete 3 more letters in the "Alphabet Learner"- not done 
Do 3 stitch types on Abi Gurden's "Tree of Stitches" - not done
10 hours on "Pirate Queen" - not done
Complete piece for my Round Robin and post  - DONE 
Finish 3 lines of "A New Day"
  - DONE 
Finish the back of Little Bug's jersey and cast on the front 
  - DONE
Knit eldest her face cloth- not done
Complete the first band of the "Spanish Geometrical Sampler"- not quite done - I've one more repeat left 

So what am I planning this month?

June Goals
Finish DOS part 3 and part 4
Work on any project I want to :)

Simple , right?

Tomorrow is little bug's party....and she has been home the entire week with a chest infection. The antibiotics doc has given her seems to be working well and she's all excited about her big day - party packets were made earlier this evening so tomorrow morning bright and early I will finish - there's pies to bake, samoosas and spring rolls to fry, pizza's to bake etc etc. Thank goodness she wanted an ice cream cake this year so atleast I don't have to worry about that!

I've been asked to do a review by MyMemoriesSuite of their scrap booking software. I'll be playing with it some to make the party pics pretty :) and will then be doing the giveaway. I've already had a peak and a small play with it and it really is a fun and easy application, but more of that later :) Visit their site to have a look see, and keep a look-out later this week for the giveaway!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Take care x x


Mouse said...

mmmmm Happpy birthday party little bug :)
and curious why are you starting it all again ???? love mouse xxx

The Manbroider said...

Hope you have a great weekend, dont fret about not getting much done, we all have spells like that.....Also sometimes, its nice to have a break and recharge....

Ruth said...

Hope little bug has a wonderful party and that she gets better, not nice being ill. Oh party food looks you know where I am if you should need a taste tester lol...How goes the gym ?
You made good progress on your goals for a month where you didn't get much done, glass is always half full, and I like your list for this coming month, nice and simple, like me for a bit to ;-)

Kaisievic said...

Hi Thoeria,

I am a new follower - I came across from Linda's blog. Good luck with little bug's party and with your stitching goals for this month. Life does get in the way some times, doesn't it?

Hugs, Kaye

weustygirl said...

Dont stress too much about not getting much done. June is another month :) I too had a rough May and didnt get much done. Looking forward to seeing your progress this month

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

I like your goals for this month! Just call it "summer vacation" and enjoy a month of free stitching. : )