Monday, July 16, 2012

Sad news ...

I'm afraid that these past few weeks have not been very good....

Firstly, my lamp has decided that it no longer wants to play with me, so I have not been able to stitch in the evenings as I normally do :( And with the kids having been on school holidays (this morning was the first day back after a 3 week break!), and the in-laws having been here for a visit(they left on Saturday)....there has been so little time to sit and do *anything*

I also received the sad news this morning that my 39 year old cousin passed away from the cancer that has been ravishing her body for the past 15 years. We knew that the day was close, but it is still a shock .... RIP my cousin......may you find peace.

Take care x x

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Part 4 and other Stuff!

Whoop!!! Whoop!!! Part 4 is in the bag! Well it's been for a while now, but I just haven't been able to get around to posting.

Stitching this has been such a dream! I've done x-stitch instead of the satin stitch for the hearty flowers...
Dawn of Spring - Part 4

And this is my Dawn of Spring in all it's glory :)

Dawn of Spring - designed by Ms Mouse
To all who encouraged me not to rip out at the beginning and keep my original colour choices a big THANK YOU! I am really loving how these colours are working together now :)

I've also done some more knitting, finishing a twill scarf for my little bug and her baby doll, Princess Lulu
Little Bug and Princess Lulu in their matching scarves
I've been trying to finish off a round robin piece too, and have also gone and signed myself up for two additioanl clever am I!

I couldn't resist signing up for the Passione Ricamo Mystery Fairy SAL when I read about it on Monique's blog, and Abi Gurden over at The Stitch Specialist Yahoo Group has just opened up sign ups for her lovely hardanger sampler "A confetti of Hardanger". Do I really need more comment!

And another piece of fantabulous news is that I won one of Nancy's (over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe) Alphabet Ornament Collection Chart Packs! Can't wait for it to get here :)

And while on the topic of the wonderfully generous Nancy, she's hosting another super super giveaway - she will be selecting 30 stitchers to win in her Birthday giveaway so head on over and enter!

Have a super day!

Take care x x