Friday, January 25, 2013

Slow and easy gets it done.....eventually!'s been a fairly good week on the stiching front....I've been working on the MBTD design that's part of my list of WIPS that I'd like to get out of the way this year, and I've done pretty good.
This is where I'd left this project last year....

MBTD - A New Day
as at last year June/July

and this is how far I've managed to get to....

MBTD - A New Day
as at today, 25 Jan 2013

 I've actually been plodding along at it for the past 2 /3 not all of the progress you see was over this week :)

I chose this project to start as I need the words...the inspiration....the positive thoughts. It seemed such an appropriate piece to start off with...don't you think?

I also managed to get a face cloth knitted. Had meant to knit this last year....but never did either. It's for my eldest bug. I found this freebie pattern here, on a lovely blog called Kris Knits.

Face Cloth knitted for eldest bug

I've done a craft room clean out too....realised that there is not a chance that I'll ever get through all the magazines and stuff I've hoarded. So time to clear out!! My objective this year will be to plow through all the little odds and bobs of projects and pieces that I have laying about....finish the bits off that are stitched already (frame or make into pillows or something!)....and to complete the crazies that I started last year..."A New Day" being one of last year's Crazies that I am now just about done with.

We're in the middle of a slight heat wave here at the moment.....went out to get the kids at school and drop them at home, and the temperature measured 37 celcius (278/279 Fahrenheit) out there!!! Yikes!!! Think I'll be in the pool this weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend all....if you're out where it's freezing....keep warm...and if, like me, you're sweltering under the heat, then stay cool!

Take care xx

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Return of the Prodigal Stitcher.....'s been a long long time since I've actually been here....and for that I do apologise!

My thanks to those who mailed and messaged and emailed to find out which hole I'd fallen into :)

Unfortunately the latter part of 2012 was a dismal downhill for me personally.....

After the death of my cousin to cancer, I lost a dear friend who underwent a routine surgery and did not recover as expected, which slumped my stitching bug even further. This loss was followed by the death of my dear MIL who succumbed to a combination of her age and her heart. Along with the regular ups and downs of daily life, it has been....difficult to put needle to thread and try to move on, especially when another dear dear friend found life too difficult to cope with and attempted suicide on 2 occassions. So yes, I am well pleased to see the back of 2012!

I have recently picked up needle and thread in an attempt to get some harmony and peace going in my life, and will be back to blogging as normal very soon.

Take care x x