Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home at last :)

Yes....A New Day is back from the framers and looks absolutely gorgeous against my bedroon wall :)
A New Day by My Big Toe Designs
Stitched on 28 count  Wichelt Linen
with DMC threads over 2
Sorry that the pic is not much better....I'm afraid that I haven't quite mastered the silly camera so wasn't sure how to get rid of the glare.

I wanted a frame with a bit of texture to it, but I'm afraid that they don't have much of a choice here...but I like this one

I had hoped to be done with "A Stitcher's Prayer" but the weekend has been so hot and uncomfortable that I couldn't sit and stitch all this time

I last worked on it last year, and this was where I'd left it off

A Stitcher's Prayer by LHN
As at 14 June 2012

I've been working on it this past week and a bit....and this is where I'm at now

A Stitcher's Prayer by LHN
as at Sunday,24 February 2013

I'd really like to get back into knitting more than a dishcloth but admit that I'm terrified of anything more than a square :) Watch this space though.....I'm about to venture out into the unknown territory of "other" shapes!

Hope you are all having wonderful weekends :)

Take care xx


cucki said...

wow super cuteeeeeeeee stitching..i love them so much x

Ruth McKeon said...

Great to have A New Day home and I love the black frame, sets it off just wonderfully and the bit of texture really adds to it, great choice I'd say. Wow will you look at how much you've gotten done on A stitchers prayer, great going !, I can see another finish appearing on the horizon soon. You know you should head over to Ravelry, lots of great free patterns that you can try out and for every level also. Just shout if you get stuck..oh and thanks a million for the link..I subscribed and I'm loving it :D

Ruth McKeon said...

I was supposed to say I've an award for you on my blog..forgot when I was visiting earlier.

Linda said...

A New Day looks great Thoeria. I love the frame your choice. And WOW, I think you made great progress for the week.


Nicola said...

New Day is a perfect one for a bedroom so that you can see it to start the day.

Beautiful stitch and frame.

Mouse said...

ohhhh its gorgeous and well done on your stitchers prayer too ... have got this one kitted up ready to go when got time ... I got some dishcloth wool and some needles for my birthday ... not done anything with them yet love mouse xxxxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Beautiful framed finish. Once the glass is in the best place to take photos is outside because then you don't need the flash. It is really hard though.
If I frame something myself I remove the glass first, put the stretched stitching in, replace the back then photograph it. Then reframe with the glass back in. Time consuming but worth it.
Great speedy progress on the Stitcher's Prayer. I love stitching lettering,it's so quick!