Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Most Annoyed!!

That indeed I am!!! Most most annoyed! And why is that? Well......last night....after spending a lovely evening at the theatre going to watch the super Aussie tap dancing show called TAP DOGS -which I'd highly recommend if they reach your shores.....they are phenomenal....a truely dynamic and energetic show.....but I digress....

So after a lovely evening...I get home to find....the stupid stupid stupid....did I mention stupid?....frame hook that had been knocked in to hold up A New Day had managed to somehow come out of the wall and take my beautiful beautiful pic to the floor!!! The glass is miraculously not broken....but the bottom of the frame is damaged and loose....I'll have to pay again to have it yes....very very annoyed! Grrrrr

On a lighter note....I'm almost done with A Stitcher's Prayer....definitely this weekend! Oh....unless something unexpected happens....meteor striking....tsunami (ummm...I should point out that I live in a land locked province with the nearest coast being over 600km away) yes....looks good to get done this weekend :)

Enjoy the week all!

Take care xx


cucki said...

oh dear :(
cant wait to see your stitching on a stitcher prayers..
big hugs x

Maureen said...

Oh know and it was so nice! Hope you can get it fixed soon.

Ruth McKeon said...

Oh no I'd be right royally annoyed also. I'm always afraid of those ones that come with the frames so I make hubby put a screw in the wall and I get a bigger picture hook that then goes onto the screw, I do hope you can get it fixed !

Linda said...

Oh Thoeria. I'm so sorry to hear of the picture falling. Hope it won't take to much to fix.


Nicola said...

Oh Thoeria what a shame but at least the glass did not break and cut your beautiful work.