Friday, February 8, 2013


Murphy....the fiend....decided to strike again! So even though I had every intention of heading out to my thread shop last weekend, and getting the 2 threads that I needed to finish A New Day, alas this did not happen! So...I'm really hoping to get out there tomorrow morning!

To keep busy I did a bit of knitting....finishing this little face cloth
Quick knit face cloth
I found this sweet pattern here.

I like knitting these because they give me a sense of getting something done because they knot up quick - takes me about a 2 days.....but I finish it!

Stitching wise I've pulled out Dawn of Spring and have started Part 6. Still a ways to go but I've made a start!

Dawn of Spring Part 6

Dawn of Spring in it's entirety :)
Have a wonderful weekend all!

Take care xx


Linda said...

Love the face cloth. Your making great progress on Dawn of Spring.


Denise SA said...

Those Face cloths and so cute , hope you get your threads

Mary Joan said...

I love the colours of "Dawn of Spring". It's coming along nicely. Good to see you blogging again, I've missed you.

Take Care (Hugs)
Mary Joan

Ruth said...

Your cloth is just so sweet Thoeria and they are lovely for a quick knit up. Dawn of Spring is looking great, I still love the colours in it. I hope the dreaded Murphy has left but please don't send him here !

Nicola said...

Dawn is looking so pretty, I love the colours and the delicacy of the design.

It is nice the knitting needles out now and again.