Monday, February 18, 2013

We have lift off!!!

Yes indeedy deed we do!!! I am happy to report.....well happy sounds so mundane and *normal*....I should say I'm deliriously ecstatic to report that..... I have a finish!!!!! MBTD's "A New Day" was whipped out this weekend and she is done and already been dropped at the framers :) I should have her back on Saturday , and will no doubt post some more pics of her in her frame....but in the's a preview of her before she was dropped off

My Big Toe Designs - A New Day
Stitched on 28 count Wichelt Linen
Using DMC Threads

This one will go on my bedroom wall I remind me each morning to be thankful for a new day :)

I also did a wee bit of shopping at the book store...I couldn't stop myself! I got a lovely Cath Kidston book...I admit I should have had more will power, especialy as I have stuff I'm waiting for from 123stitch (my big brother have me a voucher for my birthday so I absolutely *had* to go and do some stash enhancing) and from stoney creek. I also got a book on knitting and crochet. Admittedly nowadays you can get all the basics online, but there's really nothing that quite beats turning the pages of a book while learning something. So maybe now I'll get around to learning the crochet that I've been promising myself!

Cath Kidston's Stitch!
Guide to Knitting& Crochet
I have already started my next WIP project. I've selected LHNs "A Stitcher's Prayer" as my next endeavour and have been making some lovely progress. I'll be sharing some pics real soon :)

One of my purchases from 123 stitch has been a "BooBoo Stick" which I'm hoping will make frogging a breeze. So once I get it I will be getting DoS out again and finishing it!

A quick update on the cricket boys.....all but one still remains in hospital. He has been taken off life support and while still in ICU, has been moved off the critical list to stable. He is responding to treatment so hopefully we will soon receive news that he too has been discharged. Many thanks for the prayers and well wishes for these youngsters.

Now to spend some more time with "A Stitcher's Prayer" before sleep claims me :)

Take care xx


Ruth McKeon said...

Yayyyyyy congrats on the finish, its gorgeous and I can't think of anything nicer than to wake up to read that inspiring poem each morning. Can't wait to see A Stitchers Prayer, slowly but surely we'll get through all our pieces. Love the new books and with a voucher of course you needed to enhance. I find a book nicer to learn from, nothing worse than trying to learn from the computer. The Dovekeepers is really interesting and I think its a book you really would enjoy, I joined a bookclub on goodreads that has just recently been set up and it was a book they were reading. Let me know if you'd be interested and I'll get the name of it.

Linda said...

Congrats on the awesome finish Thoeria. What a great design. Gee one I don't have. lol Love your new books.


Nicola said...

Well done on a beautiful finish. I have been unable to get the boys out of my mind so it is good to hear some good news.

cucki said...

hello dear, its me cucki from south africa!(may be you remember me) i am a new follower of your blog..your stitching is so lovely..i love your projects so much..
big hugs xxx