Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here at last!

Oh I'm so happy!!! The stuff I'd gotten from my birthday voucher has finally arrived! :) It's taken a bit longer than usual thanks to the postal service being on a go slow.....hmmmm.....wonder if that's the reason it's referred to as snail mail! Ah well....on to the goodies!

I got a bunch of stuff from 123stich, which I admit is one of my all time favourite online shops! If only the exchange rate would settle ....then again....that may not be such a good idea :)


A Lizzie Kate Snippet
A Gorgeous Needle Threader by My Big Toe Designs (this really is lovely!)
A Bead Nabber (very useful lil thing)
Some needles by Piecemakers (I've heard they are lovely to stitch with)
A Star Detangler (which is supposed to make using up that last bits of threadseasier)
Juddy's Boo Boo stick - can't wait to use this!

A Dolly Mamas kit - going to have to do this one twice!

I also got my bits from Stoney Creek

"Promise Me" by Lizzie Kate

Cute lil charms - not sure what I'll do with them :)
What I love most about shopping at Stone Creek is their free chart of the month :) When I'd ordered, this was the chart
Love With an Open Heart

I know I said no new starts this year.....but man oh man....that LK chart calls to my heart!

Last but not copy of  The Dovekeepers have arrived! I wanted to start this as soon as it got here, but I have three other books on the go so will contain myself and get stuck into this one when I have nothing else on my reading list so that I can concentrate and enjoy it :)

The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

I hope you've all had a lovely lovely week thus to look forward to the weekend! Yay!!

Take care xx


Ruth McKeon said...

Oh lots and lots of goodies, love it. I've my eye on that same LK piece and I wish you luck refraining from starting it, if I get it I'm going to have to start it lol. I love the little needle threaders and I'd like to hear how the de tangler goes, if its good I may invest. All I can say about the Dovekeepers is its good and I think you'll enjoy it, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, its been one of my better reads this year.

cucki said...

wow sweet stash..
have fun x

RuthB said...

Excellent birthday stashing! I'm so excited for you. Don't you just love those pouches in the mail? :)

Congrats and have much fun with your goodies!

Linda said...

Love all your new stash Thoeria. I think I need to go shopping. lol


Monique said...

Oh that's such nice goodies. A few things of those things I wouldn't mind trying. If only we could figure out a way to combine postage to make it more affordable for us to order.

Stitching Noni said...

Fab birthday goodies. Definitely worth the wait :)

Chris said...

Super stash, and love the book too!
123 is one of my favourites too and so it Down Sunshine Way!