Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Most Annoyed!!

That indeed I am!!! Most most annoyed! And why is that? Well......last night....after spending a lovely evening at the theatre going to watch the super Aussie tap dancing show called TAP DOGS -which I'd highly recommend if they reach your shores.....they are phenomenal....a truely dynamic and energetic show.....but I digress....

So after a lovely evening...I get home to find....the stupid stupid stupid....did I mention stupid?....frame hook that had been knocked in to hold up A New Day had managed to somehow come out of the wall and take my beautiful beautiful pic to the floor!!! The glass is miraculously not broken....but the bottom of the frame is damaged and loose....I'll have to pay again to have it yes....very very annoyed! Grrrrr

On a lighter note....I'm almost done with A Stitcher's Prayer....definitely this weekend! Oh....unless something unexpected happens....meteor striking....tsunami (ummm...I should point out that I live in a land locked province with the nearest coast being over 600km away) yes....looks good to get done this weekend :)

Enjoy the week all!

Take care xx

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home at last :)

Yes....A New Day is back from the framers and looks absolutely gorgeous against my bedroon wall :)
A New Day by My Big Toe Designs
Stitched on 28 count  Wichelt Linen
with DMC threads over 2
Sorry that the pic is not much better....I'm afraid that I haven't quite mastered the silly camera so wasn't sure how to get rid of the glare.

I wanted a frame with a bit of texture to it, but I'm afraid that they don't have much of a choice here...but I like this one

I had hoped to be done with "A Stitcher's Prayer" but the weekend has been so hot and uncomfortable that I couldn't sit and stitch all this time

I last worked on it last year, and this was where I'd left it off

A Stitcher's Prayer by LHN
As at 14 June 2012

I've been working on it this past week and a bit....and this is where I'm at now

A Stitcher's Prayer by LHN
as at Sunday,24 February 2013

I'd really like to get back into knitting more than a dishcloth but admit that I'm terrified of anything more than a square :) Watch this space though.....I'm about to venture out into the unknown territory of "other" shapes!

Hope you are all having wonderful weekends :)

Take care xx

Monday, February 18, 2013

We have lift off!!!

Yes indeedy deed we do!!! I am happy to report.....well happy sounds so mundane and *normal*....I should say I'm deliriously ecstatic to report that..... I have a finish!!!!! MBTD's "A New Day" was whipped out this weekend and she is done and already been dropped at the framers :) I should have her back on Saturday , and will no doubt post some more pics of her in her frame....but in the's a preview of her before she was dropped off

My Big Toe Designs - A New Day
Stitched on 28 count Wichelt Linen
Using DMC Threads

This one will go on my bedroom wall I remind me each morning to be thankful for a new day :)

I also did a wee bit of shopping at the book store...I couldn't stop myself! I got a lovely Cath Kidston book...I admit I should have had more will power, especialy as I have stuff I'm waiting for from 123stitch (my big brother have me a voucher for my birthday so I absolutely *had* to go and do some stash enhancing) and from stoney creek. I also got a book on knitting and crochet. Admittedly nowadays you can get all the basics online, but there's really nothing that quite beats turning the pages of a book while learning something. So maybe now I'll get around to learning the crochet that I've been promising myself!

Cath Kidston's Stitch!
Guide to Knitting& Crochet
I have already started my next WIP project. I've selected LHNs "A Stitcher's Prayer" as my next endeavour and have been making some lovely progress. I'll be sharing some pics real soon :)

One of my purchases from 123 stitch has been a "BooBoo Stick" which I'm hoping will make frogging a breeze. So once I get it I will be getting DoS out again and finishing it!

A quick update on the cricket boys.....all but one still remains in hospital. He has been taken off life support and while still in ICU, has been moved off the critical list to stable. He is responding to treatment so hopefully we will soon receive news that he too has been discharged. Many thanks for the prayers and well wishes for these youngsters.

Now to spend some more time with "A Stitcher's Prayer" before sleep claims me :)

Take care xx

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Angel Boy :)

Last night I came home to find my little boy all excited as he had been given the class floating Angel Trophy for being a very well behaved boy :) Understand that I am extremely proud of all my kids....but I do know that they can be a handful! And my boy is....well....a very lively and exuberant little boy who enjoys physical activities and can get a bit boisterous :) So I was so excited for him! The Angel goes back to his class to be given to another little boy today, but I know that now that he's had a taste of what it feels like to get her, he's going to keep on trying to win her and bring her home :)

My little angel boy :)

On a sadder note, 9 boys from the high school were struck by lightening on Tuesday afternoon. How horrible! They were all members of the first cricket team who had been trying to cover the pitch when they were hit. Two of the boys were still in ICU, six have been discharged, and one has now been moved into a normal ward. It's just so scary to realise that the lightening we take forgranted here is actually life threatening! My heart goes out to those poor families!

I have been hard at work winding...and winding...and winding...and winding my DMC threads onto bobbins :) Took a break from it last night to start getting stuck into A New Day and am hoping that it will be finished real soon!

Unfortunately as the threads for DoS has not decided to turn up...I am going to have to seriuosly consider doing a frog on the curly bottom bits and choosing another thread to  finish it.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's day!

Take care xx

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Mystery of the Disappearing Threads.....

Soooo.....Friday evening I'm all comfortable....sitting in my fave stitching my little project bag out and getting ready to start making further inroads to Dawn of Spring.....when it dawns on me....the threads!  Where are the threads I am busy using for this part of  DOS??!! Checked the project bag....nothing! Go and check in the bedroom......nothing! Check under the bed.....nothing! Check the box where all my threads are stored....nothing! Check my cupboard....nothing! Check the's amazing where you'll look as desperation mounts....and you guessed it......nothing! Most most annoying!! If I do not find this skein of threads I'm going to have to undo the bottom bit that I've started and redo it with a different thread. All the other threads for this project is in the bag.....just this one particular skein that I need NOW!
So as you can stitching took place Friday as I was just feeling too grumpy and annoyed with the missing skein.....I wonder if it's run off with the one sock that I'm also looking for!

Saturday morning, and I'm all ready to head out to the thread shop to get my 2 skeins to finish off A New Day. The thread shop is about 25km away from it should have taken me about 20 minutes tops to get there...but.....I'm such a bright spark....that I took the wrong turn-off from the highway.....thrice!! Did I mention that I'm a bright spark?? I'm happy to report that I persevered and eventually got there....after about an hour....and purchased not only my threads....but also two of those bobbin box know the type you store your threads in? Well I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday winding threads onto bobbins. I'm about a third of the way through my DMC threads....think this little project is going to take me a little longer than I anticipated!

Hope you all had quiet productive weekends!

Take care xx

Friday, February 8, 2013


Murphy....the fiend....decided to strike again! So even though I had every intention of heading out to my thread shop last weekend, and getting the 2 threads that I needed to finish A New Day, alas this did not happen! So...I'm really hoping to get out there tomorrow morning!

To keep busy I did a bit of knitting....finishing this little face cloth
Quick knit face cloth
I found this sweet pattern here.

I like knitting these because they give me a sense of getting something done because they knot up quick - takes me about a 2 days.....but I finish it!

Stitching wise I've pulled out Dawn of Spring and have started Part 6. Still a ways to go but I've made a start!

Dawn of Spring Part 6

Dawn of Spring in it's entirety :)
Have a wonderful weekend all!

Take care xx

Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh Fiddlesticks!!

So after a week of stitching on nothing but "A New Day" I'm so close to a finish I can almost taste it!! Unfortunately though, I've run out of the thread for the last two words and to finish the border, so will have to set it aside until I get to my thread shop....which will only be on Saturday as it's about a 25km drive from me!

Once I have the threads I am hoping to get it completed this weekend, then on to a new WIP that needs attention. I haven't decided which one though - On the one hand I'm thinking "Grab one that's almost done so you can have a finish" and on the other hand I'm thinking "Choose one that needs a little more work so that you can make some inroads into it". I guess I'll decide once I have them all lined up.

Who doesn't love a great giveaway??!!! And Heather, who blogs over at Heather's Stitching Story, is having a super giveaway of 6 CCN and LHN Charts:
Pirates Life - Country Cottage Needleworks
Thread Gathering - Little House Needleworks
Snow In Love - Little House Needleworks
Pie Menu - Country Cottage Needleworks
Sheep In Meadow - Country Cottage Needleworks
M'Ladys Strawberries - Little House Needleworks
Interested? Well head on over there! Just click here and go and have a look see :)

My dad called me yesterday to let me know that he and Mum will be coming up for a visit next weekend. I haven't seen them since August last year so it will be lovely to have them for a stay.

Have a wonderful weekend all! Keep safe and enjoy :)

Take care xx