Friday, January 31, 2014


I'm late. ... I'm late. .... I know I'm late! Unfortunately being away on conference meant I couldn't take and post my pic yesterday.  But here it is.....

TUSAL update

I've already had a little nap. ... The gala dinner last night was amazing. .... But so tiring!!

Have a wonderful weekend all :)

Take care

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Smalls SAL Check In

Well, well, well! It may be a small one ...but it *is* a finish....right?!

I know I had planned on stitching the wedding lace kit.....but then I found this.......

"Lavender Girl" by Snowflower Diaries
Stitched on a piece of linen of indeterminate count and colour
Using DMC threads
It's such a sweet little design I decided to rather stitch her and she'll be made up into a needle book. I had grand intentions of getting stitching in while on this conference.....but that's just not happening! But as stipulated, at least my piece  is stitched's just the finishing I need to complete and that I'll do over this weekend.

This is a freebie pattern that can be found here. She has lots of other lovely little freebie charts that I have plans to stitch too!

The pattern called for beads....but as I didn't have a colour that fit...I opted to French Knot instead.

I can't wait to get home and finish her off properly. She's already mounted on fabric so it's just stitching it all together that must happen!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Take care

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Stitcher in the making?

Busy, busy weekend!! That's what I had! Let's see.....first there was a visit to the thread shop to pick up some more bobbins and thread shop is NOT like any you can really's about 25 mins drive from a part of town that is rather dodgy....but the old man has been there for centuries and knows his stuff and the prices make it worth the trip! So that's where little bug and I went to on Saturday.....and managed it without the drama of my last visit....

Then it was off to the framers to pick up a round robin piece that I'd stitched on way back in 2010.....I forgot to take a pic of it to show....will have to do that next time! While at the framer, little bug and I popped over to the art and craft shop next door....and she asked if she could get this...

How could I say no?! So...once home, after a swim to cool off....we got started. The kit is really perfect for a kiddy just learning, and comes with a plastic needle.

Monkey Sewing Kit

I showed her the first few stitches....then off she went!

And after a few hours with a second swim, and a hot bath inbetween.......

Proud Monkey Stitcher!

She calls her "Patches" :)

I didn't get much done this weekend in the stitching department. I spent most of it in the pool.....and then winding and winding and winding.......still have about 60 more threads to get onto their bobbins....but as I am leaving for that conference later today....that'll have to wait! I've packed my smalls SAL piece to take with do the finishing. I had had grand plans of hauling out the sewing machine and trying to figure it out (about 4 years after it's been purchased....) but that didn't materialise so I'm going to have to finish it by hand!

I do hope you all had a super weekend, and that it'll be a wonderful week ahead for you!

Take care

Friday, January 24, 2014

A little update....

Well.....another week is just about over! Why is it that when you're a kid the days are long and summer is glorious? And now ....well the days fly past and summer is hot and sweltering and seems to sap your energy ?? Or is it just that I'm becomming a cranky old biscuit? !

Wait!!! Don't answer that :)

I've taken it rather easy on the stiutchy front this week.....decided that since I have a finish under my belt for January I'm allowed to strut my stuff and be lazy :) be's been rather crazy at home with hubby travelling and me having to play chaffeur to 3 kiddies at 3 different schools......
I have stitched tho! I've completed the stitching for the Small SAL....I didn't stitch the piece I had started last week......that can be my Feb SAL piece! No...I've completed another little to decide how to make it up and have it ready for the check-in date next week! So no piccies of that today.

I started stitching this last night for my tiniest bug ....

Surface Embrodery - Rico Design bag


This pre-made bag is for her to use as a library I'm hoping to get it done before she reaches High School! I haven't done surface embroidery in so very long!! And until I had been sucked over to the dark side (the side where cross stitchers reside  :-D ) it was actually the only type of stitching that I did! Not that I was any good at it....but I did enjoy it! So I think that I will actually enjoy this :) I may alternate it with another one of my cross stitch between finishing off the small....I'll decide as I go along!

Next week I'll be off on a work conference...and even though it's only 2 hours away from IS away from home :) I'm terrible I know....but I do enjoy getting away from the normal humdrum and "Mommy I can't find....." and "MMMOMMMMMM he doesn't want to play with me"......and "It's MY turn to watch cartoons now!!"

Have a glorious weekend all :) If you're in a snowy part of the globe...keep warm and cosy and stay safe!

Take care

Monday, January 20, 2014

IHSW Happy Dance!

Ohhhhh I LOVE IHSW!!!! I sat and I sat......and to swipe Ms Mouse's turn of a serious case of "numb bum syndrome"....but it paid off! A happy dance for me it is !!! I finished "Crafty Cat" !!!! My first finish for 2014 and it's still January!!

"Crafty Cat" by Margaret Sherry
featured in CrossStitcher, June 2003
This little one will be going on the wall in my craft room.....which is in serious need of attention!! Isn't it frustrating that in order to stitch in peace you need some modicum of organisation.....but in order to have said bit of organisation you need to take time away from your stitching to get organised?? My craft room is in SERIOUS need of some clearing out. I'm all for CHAOS....but ummmm......I can't find anything in the mess!! So, at some stage I'll have to stop stitching and start cleaning...and sorting ....and tossing....and winding threads etc etc etc....

I also made a small start yesterday....for the Smalls SAL.

"Wedding Lace"
This little bit of strangeness will become a small needlebook. It's a rather sweet design that should stitch up rather easily. The kit has been in my chaotic craft room for the last 2 years or so....and when I was hunting for something that I could do for the Smalls SAL (which resulted in even more chaos in the Messy Room), I had one of those lightbulb moments  and went "AHA!!" It came with a piece of Rustico Aida, which I've dropped for this piece of evenweave that I came across whil looking for something to stitch. I think I may have started it too close to the edge....will have to check this evening when I sit down to some more stitching!
As I started it I realised that with this SAL, at least I can count on 12 finishes minimum for the year! :)

I do hope that your IHSW was as much fun as mine and that the week will be a good one!

Take care

Friday, January 17, 2014

IHSW and a SAL :)

Thanks to Ms Mouse's reminder in the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group, I realised that this is the first IHSW hermitting weekend for 2014! I've never officially participated before, but as I've said before, this is a new year and I'm planning on coming out of my shell a lot more :) which is a strange turn of phrase I know as the whole point of the International Hermit & Stitch weekend is to try and spend as much time as you can on your stitching! A fun idea I tell you! So this weekend I'm planning to stitch as much as I can on my "Craft Cat" in between spending time cooling down - we've received a weather warning for a heat wave that is expected to go through into next week ......well today was 36 so I'm hoping it won't climb much higher!

I've also decided to join the 2014 Smalls SAL which is being hosted by Stitching Lotus . The idea is to stitch a small a month, be it a bookmark, ornament, needle book etc You get to decide what you want to stitch and what the size will be. And on the third Wednesday, share your stitched small! There's still time to join that fun too, so why not head on over and join up!

Thought I'd leave you with a pic of my kitty......Scruffy :)  I do feel sorry for him in this heat!

Have a wonderful weekend all! Stay safe and enjoy:)

Take care

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back to School!

Yes indeed!! That's where the little bugs were off to today! Of course that did mean no stitching last night as there was the last minute scramble to make sure all stationery was labelled, bags were packed, lunchboxes put ready etc etc

This day was especially exciting for my littlest bug though as it's her first day at "Big School" she calls it :) She has been so excited about to day and could barely wait to get to school this morning

Look out Grade 1!!!

All three my bugs were really happy to get back to a new school year :)

A new school year

Hopefully this evening will see me back in my favourite spot on the couch with my stitching!

Take care

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Change of Scenery....

This weekend I felt like a change.....well not quite a change of scenery but definitely a change in what I have been stitching :) So I've put the Rose Mosaic piece aside and picked up this on Saturday morning......

And this is??
Yes I know....strange looking piece isn't it :) I felt for aida.....and not just any old aida....but good old plain 14 count aida! The alphabet piece is 18ct so it doesn't quite count. No....I wanted to luxuriate with a piece where I didn't have to think about where the needle went :) So I picked up Margaret Sherry's lil Crafty Cat that I had started way back when I was hit by  a bout of insanity (though some would argue that insanity is a constant state with me and decided to participate in the Crazy January Challenge!As you can see...I didn't quite get this one completed back then :D
 Anyway....I digress!

I spent some time stitching on my lil between spending some time at the pool as it's been rather hot (32 degrees celcius kinda hot!). And as at this morning....this is where I'm at

Now it kinda looks like a cat!
Don't you feel that until you actually stitch the face....or at the least, the eyes, that things looks strange?? I know I do! I'm so tempted to just put in the face! Hopefully I'll get some more done on this wee fellow before the weekend!

Trust everyone had a wonderful weekend and that the week will flow smoothly!

Take care xx

Friday, January 10, 2014

Some progress!

I'm so very pleased with the little progress I've managed to get throught this week :) I've been working on the "Rose Mosaic Needroll" by M Designs. The last time I worked on this piece, I had managed ot get this far...

Rose Mosaic.......wayyyyyyy back!

And with this week's work I've gotten it this far....


Close-up :)
Not too bad ...right?

I'm hoping to spend some more time with this one during the coming hopefully lots more progress next week!

I'm still battling the bulges.....gym has been sooooo difficult to get to when everyone else is doing ice creams and all the yummy things! But I try!

Trust you'll all have a wonderful weekend!

Take care xx

Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Start...

 2013 has been a year of definite turmoil for me....hence my extended absence from the blogosphere and even the groups I'm signed up with!

But while there has been challenges and sorrows, turmoil and tears, there has also been accomplishments and laughter, blessings and learnings.

I spent some time in London, travelled to Edinburgh and then to Cardiff. Travelling on my own for the first time in over 15 years was admittedly slightly daunting, but once I was comfortable I had a blast! Having a safe and reliable transport network is a HUGE bonus!
I didn't visit any stichy places.....but Stonehenge.....WOW....I've always been enthralled by it....and to actually get to sit in it's shadow was an amazing experience.

I lost 30 kilos of excess weight....which has done wonders both on the  health front but also my self esteem :) I'm still not 100% there yet.....but hey! It's been a long haul and I think I've done good so far!

On the stitchy front, there were a few extra finishes in 2013.....

The Lions....done at last!!!

The Lions - Completed and framed

Closer look

A tooth pillow for my little one who lost her first tooth this year.....she starts Grade 1 in about a week!

And the gorgeous Dawn of Spring finally complete! This will go to the framers very soon! Thanks Ms Mouse for sharing your creativity with this slacker!

I have been stiching on a few bits ....old bits really.....

My Alphabet is coming along....still a while to go but it is getting some stitch time!

As it's a new year and a fresh start...I've decide to devote more time to my stithcing and have again signed up for the Totally Useless Stitch A Long 2014 (or TUSAL as it's known!) Never heard of it? Curious? Then head on over to Daffy's Blog here and read about it!

Wishing you all a fabulously creative and marvelous year! May 2014 have you realising all those wishes and dreams.Remember...if you can dream CAN achieve it!

Take care