Monday, January 13, 2014

A Change of Scenery....

This weekend I felt like a change.....well not quite a change of scenery but definitely a change in what I have been stitching :) So I've put the Rose Mosaic piece aside and picked up this on Saturday morning......

And this is??
Yes I know....strange looking piece isn't it :) I felt for aida.....and not just any old aida....but good old plain 14 count aida! The alphabet piece is 18ct so it doesn't quite count. No....I wanted to luxuriate with a piece where I didn't have to think about where the needle went :) So I picked up Margaret Sherry's lil Crafty Cat that I had started way back when I was hit by  a bout of insanity (though some would argue that insanity is a constant state with me and decided to participate in the Crazy January Challenge!As you can see...I didn't quite get this one completed back then :D
 Anyway....I digress!

I spent some time stitching on my lil between spending some time at the pool as it's been rather hot (32 degrees celcius kinda hot!). And as at this morning....this is where I'm at

Now it kinda looks like a cat!
Don't you feel that until you actually stitch the face....or at the least, the eyes, that things looks strange?? I know I do! I'm so tempted to just put in the face! Hopefully I'll get some more done on this wee fellow before the weekend!

Trust everyone had a wonderful weekend and that the week will flow smoothly!

Take care xx


Gillie said...

Not going to comment on your level of craziness, lol, I succumbed two years running to that challenge and failed miserably. Seems like a perfect easy stitch. Enough of the temperature mentioning though........!

Kaisievic said...

Your little kitty cat is looking very sweet already!

Linda said...

Adorable kitty Thoeria and you have made good progress.