Friday, January 24, 2014

A little update....

Well.....another week is just about over! Why is it that when you're a kid the days are long and summer is glorious? And now ....well the days fly past and summer is hot and sweltering and seems to sap your energy ?? Or is it just that I'm becomming a cranky old biscuit? !

Wait!!! Don't answer that :)

I've taken it rather easy on the stiutchy front this week.....decided that since I have a finish under my belt for January I'm allowed to strut my stuff and be lazy :) be's been rather crazy at home with hubby travelling and me having to play chaffeur to 3 kiddies at 3 different schools......
I have stitched tho! I've completed the stitching for the Small SAL....I didn't stitch the piece I had started last week......that can be my Feb SAL piece! No...I've completed another little to decide how to make it up and have it ready for the check-in date next week! So no piccies of that today.

I started stitching this last night for my tiniest bug ....

Surface Embrodery - Rico Design bag


This pre-made bag is for her to use as a library I'm hoping to get it done before she reaches High School! I haven't done surface embroidery in so very long!! And until I had been sucked over to the dark side (the side where cross stitchers reside  :-D ) it was actually the only type of stitching that I did! Not that I was any good at it....but I did enjoy it! So I think that I will actually enjoy this :) I may alternate it with another one of my cross stitch between finishing off the small....I'll decide as I go along!

Next week I'll be off on a work conference...and even though it's only 2 hours away from IS away from home :) I'm terrible I know....but I do enjoy getting away from the normal humdrum and "Mommy I can't find....." and "MMMOMMMMMM he doesn't want to play with me"......and "It's MY turn to watch cartoons now!!"

Have a glorious weekend all :) If you're in a snowy part of the globe...keep warm and cosy and stay safe!

Take care


Linda said...

Lovely new start Thoeria. I'm sure your daughter will love it.


Bianca said...

I just love that as I go through my stitchy blogs, I go from one post about how hot it is and then the next is about freezing temps. It definitely makes for non monotonous blog reading! The flowers in that design look lovely. I'm sure the bag will turn out great, and I can't wait to see your small :) said...

Well done on the finish, it was super cute. This bag is going to be gorgeous and I'm sure littlest bug will love it.