Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Start...

 2013 has been a year of definite turmoil for me....hence my extended absence from the blogosphere and even the groups I'm signed up with!

But while there has been challenges and sorrows, turmoil and tears, there has also been accomplishments and laughter, blessings and learnings.

I spent some time in London, travelled to Edinburgh and then to Cardiff. Travelling on my own for the first time in over 15 years was admittedly slightly daunting, but once I was comfortable I had a blast! Having a safe and reliable transport network is a HUGE bonus!
I didn't visit any stichy places.....but Stonehenge.....WOW....I've always been enthralled by it....and to actually get to sit in it's shadow was an amazing experience.

I lost 30 kilos of excess weight....which has done wonders both on the  health front but also my self esteem :) I'm still not 100% there yet.....but hey! It's been a long haul and I think I've done good so far!

On the stitchy front, there were a few extra finishes in 2013.....

The Lions....done at last!!!

The Lions - Completed and framed

Closer look

A tooth pillow for my little one who lost her first tooth this year.....she starts Grade 1 in about a week!

And the gorgeous Dawn of Spring finally complete! This will go to the framers very soon! Thanks Ms Mouse for sharing your creativity with this slacker!

I have been stiching on a few bits ....old bits really.....

My Alphabet is coming along....still a while to go but it is getting some stitch time!

As it's a new year and a fresh start...I've decide to devote more time to my stithcing and have again signed up for the Totally Useless Stitch A Long 2014 (or TUSAL as it's known!) Never heard of it? Curious? Then head on over to Daffy's Blog here and read about it!

Wishing you all a fabulously creative and marvelous year! May 2014 have you realising all those wishes and dreams.Remember...if you can dream CAN achieve it!

Take care


Mouse said...

ooooo waves a wee paw at you and well done you for the weight loss ... pssttt give me your secret ....
woooo hooo on the stitching front and ooooo the DOS looks gorgeous :)
welcome back my friend :) love mouse xxxxxx

Linda said...

Congrats on all the great finishes Thoeria. I love the lions.


Monique said...

Oh it's great to see you back! Missed your posts in 2013.

Heather said...

Well done on your dad's lions. You look great in your photos :) Yes a new year so new start xxxxxxooooooxxxxxxxx

Denise SA said...

Well done on the weight loss fantastic stitching too

Denise SA said...

Well done on the weight loss fantastic stitching too