Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back to School!

Yes indeed!! That's where the little bugs were off to today! Of course that did mean no stitching last night as there was the last minute scramble to make sure all stationery was labelled, bags were packed, lunchboxes put ready etc etc

This day was especially exciting for my littlest bug though as it's her first day at "Big School" she calls it :) She has been so excited about to day and could barely wait to get to school this morning

Look out Grade 1!!!

All three my bugs were really happy to get back to a new school year :)

A new school year

Hopefully this evening will see me back in my favourite spot on the couch with my stitching!

Take care


Gillie said...

Cute as a button bugs! Long May the enthusiasm continue!

Linda said...

Your kids are adorable Thoeria.


Bianca said...

Hope it was a great first day!