Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Smalls SAL Feb Update

Another finish!! Yay!!!!

Small though it may be...a finish is a finish is a finish :)

"Le Temps des Cerises"
Stiched on 36ct linen with DMC threads
This lil dinky measures about 2.5" x 2.5" and is a freebie created by Cathy Roy. You can find the chart here. You get to choose your own threads and colours for this sweet little chart. Have fun!

My eldest bug has her big play this evening, so I'll be off to watch her. Should be good for a bit of  a laugh...which I wouldn't tell her!

Have a great day all :)

Take care

Monday, February 24, 2014

IHSW Update

Did you stitch? A little? A lot? Kind of? :)

I think this weekend was a "kind of" weekend! While stitching *did* take place, I also spent Saturday morning helping out at my eldest's Fun Day (actually was quite fun even though the weather turned a bit chilly!)....and then Sunday morning was spent taking the two young bugs for breakfast and then the movies - we went to watch "The Nut Job" ....though it was pointed out to me by my dear friends that I am a proverbial nut myself :-D

But I digress.....on to the stitchy stuff!!!

As I mentioned before...I did some work on middle bug's piece, which, I forgot to a Jenny Barton design we found in issue 187 of World of Cross-Stitching - King of the Castle. My progress this weekend....

King of the Castle - stitched on 28 count evenweave

I also made a start on my small for the 2014 Small SAL - and will have it all nicely done in time for the reveal day :)

February Small SAL
Like I said....a "kind of" stitchy weekend :)

Trust you all had a wonderful restful weekend!

Take care

Friday, February 21, 2014

As we head into IHSW.....

See what the postie brought me.....


I ordered these from an Australian based company - Colours Down Under. I know I shouldn't have....but I really couldn't resist! Let's see.....we have...
  • Ink Circles - Aventail
  • Ink Circles - Guilder
  • Iris van den Heilgenberg - Starring ABC
  • The Sampler Girl - Literary Littles - #03 Hope
  • The Sampler Girl - Literary Littles - #04 My Everything
  • The Sampler Girl - Literary Littles - #05 Sweet Things
  • The Sweetheart Tree - Wildflowers Needle Roll
I find that because of the cost of postage, I try and make it worth my while :) Afterall...I'd pay the same postage for 1 chart as I would for seven! Makes sense doesn't it???!

I also stopped off at the book store and they had a special on some of their old issues of magazines. I have been trying to not buy mags as I have LOADS of them and really.....will I ever stitch through all of them??!!! But I admit...I am weak!! So I got these at half price

Back Issues of Mollie and Cross Stitcher!
Doesn't that little birdie look cute!!!

So heading into IHSW I have all these lovelies....but I'll have to keep them for another time! I will be spending most of the weekend (after spending Saturday morning at oldest bug's school to help with their Fun Day) stitching on middle bug's piece and getting a start on my small for the Smalls SAL.

This is my progress with middle bug's piece...

Middle Bug's piece
It doesn't look very boyish right now I know....but it will!! Eventually! I'm going to try doing something different with this piece and back stitch as I go along....

If you're hermitting this weekend....enjoy it!! I know I will :)

Be safe and warm if you're in a part of the world with terrible weather right now!

Take care

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not too bad!

That's what I thought about the weekend's stitching :) It's really not been a bad weekend...seeing that we again had lovely weather (sorry all you snowed under frosties!) and the bugs and I all spent a considerable time in the pool! Oh....and almost forgot...youngest bug insisted on going to her school Valentine's Dance....and as my boy refused to go anywhere that involved "dancing"....Dad had to baby-sit and off I went to the dance.
Off to the dance!!
Despite all these interruptions, I managed to get quite a bit of stitching done! I picked up "The Library" by LHN from my WIP box, and got to work on it. This was what I had when I just started on Friday....
"The Library" on Friday
And by Sunday evening, this was where I had ended

The Library after the weekend :)

I have had to put this aside though. My middle bug has complained most vehemently that both his sisters sport stitchy works on their walls, while his are bare of my handiwork. So, after much hunting for "boyish" designs yesterday, he's decided on what I will be stitching. So I guess I will be hounded until this get's done! I'll be starting as soon as I complete this slave-driver will want to see my progress tomorrow morning!

Before I say g'bye though, just have to mention that Nancy, over at Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe is having another one of her super generous giveaways! So please head on over and take a look see!

Have a wonderful week! Keep warm and safe :)

Take care

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines :)

I do hope that you all had a wonderful day with your loved ones :)
I got home from work to this lovely little surprise...

My beautiful Roses

Now understand that this was a complete surprise....hubby and I have never done the whole Valentine's day that makes these roses all the more special. I'll be planting them in our garden (well not me personally ...I'm a terrible gardner!) just as soon as we know whether we want to remain here or sell and move!

I did a little more stitching on the book bag....still a bit left as you can see, but it'll get done!

The big flower still left to do...and border!
And then I FINALLY finished the train in the alphabet!! I admit it felt rather like the little engine going uphill and I had to constantly remind myself of "I think I can....I think I can....I think I can" with each carriage that I stitched.

T is for Train!!

I'll be putting this away for a short while and will pick up one of my other UFOs/WIPs. Haven't quite decided which that will be...decisions decisions!

I've also yet to start my small for the Smalls SAL...but will probably do that during the IHSW

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Take care

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday? Already?

And I feel like I've not accomplished much!! I do so admire those of you who manage to do more than one craft at a go! I can barely make my way through stitching....and there you are knitting...crocheting...making quilts....stitching clothes...all while cross-stitching a gorgeous piece! My knitting is lackadaisical at the best of times....and crochet.....well.....that's the craft I've promised to teach myself for the past 5 years.....
And let me not start with the sewing and the quilting! I see all these gorgeous quilts and I so want to be able to do that! But I have yet to master threading my sewing machine :) I said...not much accomplished this week. Hubby has been travelling so it's been a mad rush to get all 3 bugs ready and dropped at school before rushing to the office and then getting them all picked up again in the afternoon....and they are each at different schools! So needles to say I have been remiss in my stitching....

But enough excuses.....this week I worked a bit more on the book bag for my youngest, and have managed to get this far...

Leaves for the flowers!
I always feel that my satin stitch is unkempt not quite as smooth as those I have seen out there....

I did a wee bit of cross stitch on my "Alphabet Learner" as well...This was where I had left it ...

And this is how far I am now......

Ok.....maybe "far" was not the correct word to I didn't really get all that far!

I got Dawn of Spring back from the framers this weekend :) Maybe I shouldn't have done the white frame...but I love her nevertheless!

"Dawn of Spring" designed by Ms Mouse
Yahoo Group "Friendly Stitchers" SAL

Ohhhhhh......and before I forget to mention.....I *did* get some more winding onto bobbins done! Not quite the same as clearing out the Messy Room...but I tell myself that it's a start!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Take care