Friday, February 21, 2014

As we head into IHSW.....

See what the postie brought me.....


I ordered these from an Australian based company - Colours Down Under. I know I shouldn't have....but I really couldn't resist! Let's see.....we have...
  • Ink Circles - Aventail
  • Ink Circles - Guilder
  • Iris van den Heilgenberg - Starring ABC
  • The Sampler Girl - Literary Littles - #03 Hope
  • The Sampler Girl - Literary Littles - #04 My Everything
  • The Sampler Girl - Literary Littles - #05 Sweet Things
  • The Sweetheart Tree - Wildflowers Needle Roll
I find that because of the cost of postage, I try and make it worth my while :) Afterall...I'd pay the same postage for 1 chart as I would for seven! Makes sense doesn't it???!

I also stopped off at the book store and they had a special on some of their old issues of magazines. I have been trying to not buy mags as I have LOADS of them and really.....will I ever stitch through all of them??!!! But I admit...I am weak!! So I got these at half price

Back Issues of Mollie and Cross Stitcher!
Doesn't that little birdie look cute!!!

So heading into IHSW I have all these lovelies....but I'll have to keep them for another time! I will be spending most of the weekend (after spending Saturday morning at oldest bug's school to help with their Fun Day) stitching on middle bug's piece and getting a start on my small for the Smalls SAL.

This is my progress with middle bug's piece...

Middle Bug's piece
It doesn't look very boyish right now I know....but it will!! Eventually! I'm going to try doing something different with this piece and back stitch as I go along....

If you're hermitting this weekend....enjoy it!! I know I will :)

Be safe and warm if you're in a part of the world with terrible weather right now!

Take care


Stitching Noni said...

Love your new stash! Perfectly agree with your comment about the postage!
Colours Down Under is here in Perth... I love going into the store - it is like a treasure trove and I never walk out empty handed! :o)
Hugs xx

Linda said...

Great new stash Thoeria. What is the new piece that your working on?