Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not too bad!

That's what I thought about the weekend's stitching :) It's really not been a bad weekend...seeing that we again had lovely weather (sorry all you snowed under frosties!) and the bugs and I all spent a considerable time in the pool! Oh....and almost forgot...youngest bug insisted on going to her school Valentine's Dance....and as my boy refused to go anywhere that involved "dancing"....Dad had to baby-sit and off I went to the dance.
Off to the dance!!
Despite all these interruptions, I managed to get quite a bit of stitching done! I picked up "The Library" by LHN from my WIP box, and got to work on it. This was what I had when I just started on Friday....
"The Library" on Friday
And by Sunday evening, this was where I had ended

The Library after the weekend :)

I have had to put this aside though. My middle bug has complained most vehemently that both his sisters sport stitchy works on their walls, while his are bare of my handiwork. So, after much hunting for "boyish" designs yesterday, he's decided on what I will be stitching. So I guess I will be hounded until this get's done! I'll be starting as soon as I complete this post....my slave-driver will want to see my progress tomorrow morning!

Before I say g'bye though, just have to mention that Nancy, over at Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe is having another one of her super generous giveaways! So please head on over and take a look see!

Have a wonderful week! Keep warm and safe :)

Take care


Linda said...

Your daughter looks adorable Thoeria. I bet she danced the night away. Great progress on The Library. Looking forward to seeing your new start.


Brigitte said...

Oh, you are stitching The Library. This is one of my favourites by LHN, a beautiful design. Nice progress.