Monday, March 3, 2014

TUSAL woes and stuff......

I missed the deadline ....yes yes....I'm late....but I have a very good reason why that happened (notice that it's a *reason*...not an *excuse* :D )

Not so many orts!

I promise that there *were* more threads...unfortunately my young bugs thought that mummy doesn't use the little bits of went ahead and used it as "hair" in the pic they were busy with.

I got busy.....really really busy this weekend. What could possibly have kept me busy I hear you wonder! Well......this

Some of the stuff from the craft room....
In case you're wondering what all that is, it's a mere fraction of the chaos that I had to delve through this weekend. I decided that enough was enough...and that my messy room (aka craft room) needed sorting....and as the weather had turned wet and was the perfect day to getting busy!
 I couldn't subject you all to a pic of what it looked like before I got cleaning, hence the pic of some of the stuff piled high on the diningroom table.

I polished..I swept...I scrubbed....I mopped....I sorted....and in the end.....I had this.....

Neater...but still needing a little work!
By the end of Saturday evening I had a clean room and had managed to sort through all my stash and decide what needed selling and what needed keeping. When I started cross stitching - was it really only 5/6 years ago? - I admit that I went a bit wild with the stash buying. I think I was ebays' most frequent shopper! I should have gotten shares in ebay the way I bought!! And now....years down the line, I not only have well over 70 mags that I will never use....but kits and fabric too. When I started, I only ever stitched on whenever there was a sale and the exchange rate was good.....guess what I bought....along with everything else got it....aida! Now don't get me wrong....I still stitch on's actually quite lovely to go back to it every once in a while....I just didn't realise how *much* of it I had!

Sunday saw me start the great thread sort. A while back I decided to switch storage systems on my DMC threads....from the floss baggies to the bobbins. I just never got around to getting it all on the bobbins. And then there were the purchases of beautiful silks and overdyes that just never got properly stored. I've now managed to divide all the threads into families (all the Weeks Dyes together etc etc etc), and as yet still have a bit to go before the DMCs are all bobbined up.

Knitting supplies also saw me sorting through the number of duplicate needles I had - know that feeling when you're in a wool shop and you see a needle and you think "I'm not sure if I have that one but let me take it because I'm sure I haven't"? Well I had that feeling often......

So there has been no stitching this weekend....just lots of cleaning and sorting. I'll have to leave the rest of the thread sorting for another day though as I need to get my piece for the Stitcher's Exchange, organised by the Friendly Stitcher's Yahoo Group, done and on it's way to my partner!

Hope you all had good weekends!

Take care


Linda said...

Loved seeing your craft room Thoeria. Mine should ever look that good. I have more stash than even some of the shops I think. I really do need to start selling some of it.


Bianca said...

Your craft room looks amazing. What a lovely space to create in!

Justine said...

I am so jealous of your craft room right now! Mine is being used for all sorts of dumping by other members of my family. I must have a big clear out!