Tuesday, April 22, 2014

IHSW & Happy Easter :)

I do hope that all who celebrated Easter had a blessed weekend :) Mine was a lovely one...spent with family and friends and doing what I love! We have another longgggg weekend coming up here in South Africa....the 27th of April marks the first free democratic elections, so Monday will be a lovely day off...and then ofcourse May 1, being Worker's Day will  mean another day off! Schools here will be closed that entire week, so I've taken the week off work and hopefully we'll head out somewhere and have fun with the kiddies)

Can you actually believe that a quarter of 2014 has gone? Yikes! Very soon shops will be resounding with "Jingle Bells" and "Fa la la la lahhhh" :)

Did you get some stitching done this weekend? Or did you just spend the time relaxing and vegetating?

I spent my IHSW working on "The Castle", which will be my main project until I get it done ....what with middle bug constantly peering at my hoop and saying "Are you only *that* far with it????" (with much disbelief and derision at my inability to stitch faster than a snail!) I think I had best concentrate on getting it completed or I will have no peace!

This is how far I'd got by Sunday evening....

The Castle

Close up of the froggies

With only 3 more rows of the moat water to go, I'll be starting with the rest of it pretty soon! If I don't get distracted that is!

Distracted? By what you may wonder! Well....after almost 5 years of promising to have a go at crochet, and countless missed starts and failed attempts, I managed to play with hook and yarn yesterday!

Practising single and double chain
That doesn't look like much...and really it wasn't meant to! I just wanted to have a try at practising single chain and double chain before attempting a granny square! (which, I admit, is the main reason I wanted to learn to crochet)

So after numerous wonky starts and a number of muttered beepy words....the first round!!!

I'm using  a YouTube tutorial by Melanie Ham (she has a lovely useful blog too...the link will take you over to her site)..starting and stopping as I go along. I'll continue with another round this evening, before I do some more on the Castle :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week doing what you love :)

Take care


cucki said...

Aww beautiful stitching
Froggies are so cute xx

Brigitte said...

The Easter weekend was great, I spent it with my grandson - could there be a better day? No, lol.
Very nice progress on your stitching. And have fun with your crochet projects.

Monique said...

I also tried to teach myself to crochet with no luck. I obviously need someone to sit with me and show me what to do and what I do wrong. There's a knitting and crochet group that has started meeting in our town but not sure how they would feel me walking in and asking to be taught:-)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice start on the castle! I'm sure your son is a great motivator.

Linda said...

Nice progress Thoeria. Your crocheting is looking good. Granny squares are my favorite thing to crochet.


Linda said...

Wish I was close enough to help you.


Kaisievic said...

The castle is coming along nicely. We have another long weekend, too as tomorrow is ANZAC Day (commemorating the Aussie and NZ troops landing at Gallipoli in 1915). But no May day for us!