Monday, June 30, 2014

TUSAL and Pumpkins

Well....A pumpkin really...*this* particular one to be exact :)

That's another letter down on the "Alphabet Learner" 

"Alphabet Learner" by Chris Davenport
Stitched on 18ct Aida with Dimensions threads

And ofcourse.....the TUSAL update! I'd forgotten to post it on the check-in date, so here it is...


Until next posting!

Take care

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Smalls SAL

Time to show and tell again :)

This month I worked on a few smalls...but can't show the others pieces.....

But I did make this little pretty by The Drawn Thread.

"Heart Throb" by The Drawn Thread
Stitched on 32 ct "Autumn Blush" Belfast Linen
With DMC threads
This pattern is offered as a freebie on their site....along with lots more :) You can find them here

I enjoyed stitching this tremendously as it involved a few stitches that I've never done before....

The dark rose heart in the centre, is called a cushion stitch heart....and the dark purple one below the light pink satin stitch.....that's made with queen stitches....which I'd never stitched before

That's a slightly better view of the cushion heart. That light pink middle heart is a sprats head heart....the pic doesn't really do it justice...I *really* love the look of that one! And the bottem was stitched using  diagonal short satin stitches. The only heart that I'm not really happy with is the Rhodes Heart that you see on the left in the light's just too lopsided for my liking.....

Then there was the double faggoting stitch which you won't be able to see as it's around the border and is a light cream that blends with the fabric.

All in all a very satisfying and educational small this month :)

Hope that all's well in the corner of the world you find yourself today :)

Take care

Monday, June 23, 2014

IHSW....Travelling Pattern Winner....and another Give-Away at Nancy's :)

That's quite a mouthful for a heading I know :)

Did you have a good weekend? Manage to stitch a bit or did you lock yourself away and let the kids and hubby starve for the weekend??  :D

I admit that the amount of stitching that took place this weekend was was my eldest bug's birthday on Saturday (15 going on 25) so between youngest bug's karate (have I mentioned that she's started doing Seido Karate?)....middle bug's soccer game (they drew 1-1) and the oldest bug's birthday...Saturday was a completely bust!

Sunday morning I decided that I needed to tackle the was in quite a state!! So I spent the better part of the day clearing...sorting and tossing! My reward was to settle down the early evening and stitch the night away though :) Unfortunately no pics as it is exchange pieces

We had a rather scary Friday evening ... my eldest bug was diagnosed with epilepsy last year after an incident in the school pool...and other than a few other has been fairly manageable. Friday afternoon she had an appointment with the dentist ....and ended up having a seizure while the dentist was working on her.....
Friday evening....while watching the soccer.....she had another seizure.....
We had her at the neurologist the last time she had a seizure (she had a fit while playing hockey at school about a month and a bit ago) and they changed her medication ...but with exams she's had to revert to the lighter dosage otherwise it makes her groggy....
Hopefully with it being school holidays next week she can get her body accustomed to the meds and just rest

Now.....on to the Travelling pattern winner......

Pamela over at "Hokkaido Kudasai" :)

Have fun stitching it Pamela :) Can't wait to see what you do with it!

And as the heading says....Nancy is having another giveaway! Head on over to the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe and enter her generous give-away! It's open until the there's still time left to enter :) 

Hope you'll have a wonderful week......and if you're participating in the Smalls SAL this month....don't forget  check in day on Wednesday :)

Take care

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Travelling Pattern all done and ready to go :)

Would you believe that I actually got this one in record time?! And this while still stitching on an exchange piece and my Alphabet Learner! Not too shabby if you ask me :D

I'm thinking to finish this off as a little pillow :)

"Love is Best" by Lizzie Kate
Stitchedon 32 ct "Autumn Blush" Belfast Linen
House of Embroidery Threads

A little closer....

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, even though I did wonder about my colour choices about mid-way through :)

Now as I've finished this little beauty, the pattern is ready to continue it's journey across the globe! If you'd like to be considered as it's next visitor, then please  read the few rules that comes along with the pattern....

1. You must have a blog 
2. Comment on this post only, saying you would like the chance to stitch it. 
3. You must have an active blog to participate; if you have a blog but never post on it you won't be chosen to be the next stitcher.
4.The stitcher who receives the Travelling Pattern must stitch it within an acceptable time frame, finish it and share the finished piece on their blog. Stitch with your choice of fabric and threads; finish it how you wish.
5.The stitcher must offer up the Travelling Pattern for another stitcher to use and it will be off on its travel again. You only send the pattern, no 'extras' are required.

I'll take names until Sunday, 22 June and will post the winner on Monday. Please if you are a no reply blogger, then leave me an email address to get hold of you.

Take care

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I won!! I won!!!

I did...I did!! :)

What have I won....I hear you ask!

Well......first off...I won Cucki's Travelling Pattern. This sweet little design started out from South Africa when Cucki sent it on it's travels way back in 2011. Justine in the UK was the last stitcher who stitched it...and it's now come home for a short while before it will be continuing it's travels.

Travelling Pattern - LK "Love is Best"

I spent some time last night deciding on colours and fabric......I'm thinking 32count Belfast "Autumn Blush" and local threads from House of Embroideries.....can't wait to get started!

My other bit of lovely good fortune?? Maja from The Snowflower Diaries recently held a giveaway....and over and above the give-away prize that she had originally posted, she selected 20 additional folks to each receive a chart of their choice!

I had a bit of trouble making a final decision .....but eventually decided that this is the one I want....Swans & Butterflies
Pic "borrowed" from Snowflower Diaries  :)

Winter has finally hit Jozi and the weather has been chillier than chilly! Perfect stay at home under the blankies weather :)  

Take care

Monday, June 2, 2014

A wonderful busy weekend :)

That's what I had! And you? Did you enjoy your weekend? Do loads? Or just chill and have a wonderful slothy time? I mentioned in the last post...Mum leaves tomorrow so we decided to get out and about the weekend. So much for a quiet weekend though! We headed out to Mpumalanga (one of the provinces here) and spent some gorgeous time out and about....even though hubby did come down with a one day flu :D (he moaned and groaned and mumbled all of Friday night - typical man flu :D :D )

So where did our adventures take us??

We headed off to Macmac Falls as our first stop...not too strenuous a walk to get to the viewpoint.

Macmac Falls in Mpumalanga....Saturday's  first stop!
Thereafter...we decided to continue with the whole mountain-out-in-nature walk theme and drove to what is called God's Window. This viewing point is situated along the Drakensberg escarpment and offers a view unlike no other! Unfortunately my fear of being on the edge of extremely high places made that I did not get too close to the edge to take a pic down....but I did capture a bit of it...

How long this walk is in distance I cannot tell....but it's uphill and long and in parts not that easy....but Mum made it all the way up....even when we had told her to wait at one of the resting points and we'd get her on the way down!

Sunday was a lot less strenuous.....we headed to the Sudwala Caves, which were formed about 240 million years ago. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the cave walk and talk....and even though you don't get to go that deep's a pretty informative talk and takes about an hour.

My picture taking skills in the dark is not that unfortunately most of what I took is just blurry masses of grey!

We decided to give the Dinosaur Park a miss and headed insted to a quaint little town called Kaapsehoop. There are lots of horse trails here and it's one of the few places where horses roam free and don't seem to have any owner! I tried to catch a few pics of the horses and baboons that inhabit the surrounding fields....but while they were there...the critters were just too fast for my camera!

The lone horse that allowed me to take a pic!
All in all a lovely busy weekend :)

I did get some crochet in as we drove about, but not that much! And I actually don't feel bad about it!

Hope you all have absolutely gorgeous weeks!

Take care