Monday, June 2, 2014

A wonderful busy weekend :)

That's what I had! And you? Did you enjoy your weekend? Do loads? Or just chill and have a wonderful slothy time? I mentioned in the last post...Mum leaves tomorrow so we decided to get out and about the weekend. So much for a quiet weekend though! We headed out to Mpumalanga (one of the provinces here) and spent some gorgeous time out and about....even though hubby did come down with a one day flu :D (he moaned and groaned and mumbled all of Friday night - typical man flu :D :D )

So where did our adventures take us??

We headed off to Macmac Falls as our first stop...not too strenuous a walk to get to the viewpoint.

Macmac Falls in Mpumalanga....Saturday's  first stop!
Thereafter...we decided to continue with the whole mountain-out-in-nature walk theme and drove to what is called God's Window. This viewing point is situated along the Drakensberg escarpment and offers a view unlike no other! Unfortunately my fear of being on the edge of extremely high places made that I did not get too close to the edge to take a pic down....but I did capture a bit of it...

How long this walk is in distance I cannot tell....but it's uphill and long and in parts not that easy....but Mum made it all the way up....even when we had told her to wait at one of the resting points and we'd get her on the way down!

Sunday was a lot less strenuous.....we headed to the Sudwala Caves, which were formed about 240 million years ago. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the cave walk and talk....and even though you don't get to go that deep's a pretty informative talk and takes about an hour.

My picture taking skills in the dark is not that unfortunately most of what I took is just blurry masses of grey!

We decided to give the Dinosaur Park a miss and headed insted to a quaint little town called Kaapsehoop. There are lots of horse trails here and it's one of the few places where horses roam free and don't seem to have any owner! I tried to catch a few pics of the horses and baboons that inhabit the surrounding fields....but while they were there...the critters were just too fast for my camera!

The lone horse that allowed me to take a pic!
All in all a lovely busy weekend :)

I did get some crochet in as we drove about, but not that much! And I actually don't feel bad about it!

Hope you all have absolutely gorgeous weeks!

Take care


Linda said...

What a wonderful weekend Thoeria. Loved all pics of the family.


cucki said...

Wow such a sweet weekend out..
Big hugs x

cucki said...

Wow such a sweet weekend out..
Big hugs x

Kaisievic said...

Great weekend, Thoeria, you must have loved the special time with your mum.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Sounds like everyone had a great weekend.