Thursday, August 14, 2014


The postie has dropped off a lovely little envelope :)

Received from CJ

CJ was my partner in the stitchy exchange arranged by Heather and she sent me this lovely ornie, handmade card and the loveliest trims! I can't wait to do something with that lil pom-pom ribbon! How cute is that !?!

Are you "hibernating" this weekend? The IHSW takes place this weekend so if you need an excuse to pick up needle 'n thread then head on over to Joysze's blog to learn more about the IHSW and to sign up for the weekend :)

I'm hoping to spend the weekend on my HAED - between karate, soccer and other what-nots the kids have going on! What will your weekend look like?

Take care


Pull the other thread said...

What a lovely surprise. Such beautiful items there. I think I may need to try and hermit a bit this weekend.

Mii Stitch said...

CJ has sent you a lovely exchange piece :)

Mii Stitch said...
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cucki said...

Super sweet xx

Sheryl S. said...

What a lovely stitchy exchange. My evening is with my daughter and granddaugher, pizza and film. Haven't seen them for a year so I'm very content

Linda said...

Lovely gifts Thoeria.


KimM said...

Lovely gifts -

CJ said...

I am so glad it finally arrived. I hope we can meet again through stitching.