Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some lovely give-aways in Blogland!

I am always amazed at the generosity of crafters! In this day of high postage costs and economic turmoil, exchanges, swaps, RAKS and give-aways still abound:)

Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having two lovely give-aways, and there is still time to enter them!

To win her lovely Halloween Sampler, head on over here to enter. She'll be drawing the winners on October 31st so still plenty of time to enter!

The gorgeous Youth's Flowery Season Sampler is also being offered in a give away :) How generous is Nancy! Head on over here to enter - drawing will take place on October 21st so still time to enter :)

Kim and Kaye is having a super Swapaway over at their blogs - you have until October 1st to enter (sorry I had meant to post about this sooner!) so head on over to Kim's blog here, and Kaye's blog here, to read about the rules and enter this fantastic swapaway :)

I'll be back with my HAED update tomorrow!

Take care

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Smalls SAL & TUSAL reports :)

Oh my...when I post my TUSAL and Smalls report I'm always made more aware of the fact that the month is just about over! Which means that very soon shops will start displaying their Christmas decorations......oh....wait.....shops are already doing that here! Not the whole tree and all...but the merchandise is definitely on the shelves already - the tree shaped chocolates and ornies to mention two.

We had a gorgeous day today with friends...the weather was amazing and even though there was a slight breeze, the kids were in the pool while hubby and our friend did the cooking :D Well they bbq'd  :) But enough about that.....and on to the pics!

First off,....my orts for the month ...

TUSAL report - September
Not that many colours going on there.....

If you want to read more about the Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long hosted by DaffyCat then head on over here :)

As previously mentioned I spent most of the month stitching on the Castle piece, but did manage to get this little bitty done :)

This little fob is one of Maja"s (The Snowflower Diaries) free designs and can be found here .
I stitched this using DMC threads. I had a small piece of this autumn leaves fabric that just seemed to shout out and say "Pick me!" when I was trying to decide what to use as a backing :)
The Smalls SAL is being hosted by Heather at Stitching Lotus, and if you would like to know a bit more about it then click the little logo on the right that says Smalls SAL 2014 :)

Halloween is not really a very big thing out here in South Africa. It's slowly become more "known" over the last few years, with a few themed parties popping up, but certainly no little ones walking through the neighbourhoods and asking for treats! Definitely not when I was growing up either! Strange how holidays evolve over the years. Do you "celebrate" Halloween in your part of the world? Do you pop up the decorations and have little visitors looking to trick you for a treat? Has the holiday changed over the years? Become more popular? Become less popular? If you give treats, what kind do you actually pop in their little loot bags? Apples? Chocolates? Granola Bars? :D

Hope you all have a lovely week and weekend :)

Take care

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I'm late again! That's really becoming a regular song isn't it? And it really have no good excuse either :)

So without any further ado.....my IHSW update pic.....

I guess I was rather ambitious in the goal I had set...but progress was made :)

Tomorrow is a public holiday here in South Africa, so we are having friends over for a BBQ ( or to use the local term, a *braai*). Hope you are all having a lovely week :)

Take care

Friday, September 19, 2014


Will you be hermitting this weekend?

I plan to work on the Castle, which has been my major piece for this month

It's really coming along beautifully :)

Hopefully I'll have the middle tower done by the end of the weekend!

Spring has decided to skip over and we've gone from winter straight into temperatures in the upper 20°C range. The garden is blooming...

And soon the kids will no doubt be spending their afternoons in the pool :)

I do hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

Take care

Friday, September 12, 2014

This week....

Has been another crazy one with my eldest bug having a few seizures at school on Monday...
I spent most of Monday at the hospital's Casualty Unit (the second time these past 3 weeks) and managed to get her an appointment  for the next day with one of the top epilepsy specialists (her original appointment with him was only supposed to take place on the 16th) .

So Tuesday morning it was off to the specialist.....
By Tuesday afternoon she was admitted to the specialised Epilepsy Unit at the hospital - we were truly lucky as the waiting period to get into this unit is about 6 weeks, but as they had just received a cancellation from someone who had been due to go in.....we snapped up the chance and had her in before lunch!

They stopped all her meds and had her hooked up to the EEG monitors 24/7 running a battery of tests with the hope of finding a trigger for the seizures. Eventually she was given a Red Bull (yes,.....the energy drink!!) and she flipped and had a full blown seizure. Scary I know but this was what the doctor wanted and needed to happen to see what her brain does when she has an episode.

And what they have discovered is a blessing.......she had been misdiagnosed over 2 years ago and is NOT epileptic! The seizures that she's been having does not involve her frontal lobe at all and seems to be triggered by an over stimulation of the brain stem (the "primitive brain" if you will) by adrenaline. To paint a very simple picture - when she gets anxious about something she goes into hyperdrive and if this is not stopped .....she has a seizure. The crabbiness, mood swings and head aches that we had assumed was normal in a teenager were actually some of the symptoms of her condition. The other things that we now know are physical manifestations of her illness includes the "pins & needles" feeling she would constantly get in her arms, or fingertips, or legs etc) and the constant pain in her shoulders (which we had thought was because of the hockey she played). Her condition is not common in a 15 year old (anxiety and stress in a 15 year old who is in a loving home which manifests as seizures??!!).....and yes, it is worrying that her seizures are psychosomatic. But now that we are made aware of the problem...we can get to dealing with it and more importantly, get *her* to deal with whatever makes her feel so anxious and stressed and down that she has a seizure.

The journey is far from over but we have a path and I'm pretty positive that we'll get this under control :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Take care

Friday, September 5, 2014

Crazy Block Completed :)

Yay!!! I finished my very first crazy quilt block!! And I am soooo proud of myself (tries to tap self on back!)

This has been such a great learning experience! Kathy Shaw does such amazing notes and her templates help so much! If you're interested then keep an eye on her blog as she offers this class free a few times a year :) I know for sure that I'll be signing up for her new Intermediate Class in October. If you'd like to see what the other members of the class did, have a look see here :)

So without further ado....loads of pics of my block :)

In all it's glory :)

I added some beads to the dragon-fly's wings to "bling" it up

Pretty charms and a butterfly button

A rambling rose vine with ribbon
Pearl beads to make a flower and some extra bling :)

And some more bling!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! If summer is coming to an end on your side...hope it's a sun-shiney weekend :)

Take care

Thursday, September 4, 2014

HAED progress

So I've spent a little bit of time on my HAED, and while there has been some progress it has not been in leaps and bounds!

So this was where I was last time I posted.....

And this is how far I've come now....

HAED  - Garden of Delight by William Morris
Stitched over 1 on 25ct evenweave
Using DMC threads

As you may notice, I started out stitching across and not parking threads. I then came across this really cool tutorial by Pull The Other Thread....and have given it a go! So now I'm going down the first column - halfway down column one on page one - still a lonnnngggg while to go! Yes it took a bit of getting used to parking the threads, but the tutorial really is so well written and explains the concept so well that it has made the transition to parking while stitching an almost seamless one :)