Friday, September 5, 2014

Crazy Block Completed :)

Yay!!! I finished my very first crazy quilt block!! And I am soooo proud of myself (tries to tap self on back!)

This has been such a great learning experience! Kathy Shaw does such amazing notes and her templates help so much! If you're interested then keep an eye on her blog as she offers this class free a few times a year :) I know for sure that I'll be signing up for her new Intermediate Class in October. If you'd like to see what the other members of the class did, have a look see here :)

So without further ado....loads of pics of my block :)

In all it's glory :)

I added some beads to the dragon-fly's wings to "bling" it up

Pretty charms and a butterfly button

A rambling rose vine with ribbon
Pearl beads to make a flower and some extra bling :)

And some more bling!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! If summer is coming to an end on your side...hope it's a sun-shiney weekend :)

Take care


Pull the other thread said...

Wow, no wonder you feel proud, this looks absolutely stunning. Well done you!!

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous Thoeria. I'm patting you on the back.


Pamela said...

Beautiful details!

cucki said...

It's looking so beautiful dear x

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

It's beautiful.

Kaisievic said...

This is so beautiful! You should be really proud of yourself.

Sheryl S. said...

Oh, this is so pretty. Love the dragonfly