Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mega Mini #4 & Smalls SAL

Unlike last month's MMMM (hosted by Justine this month!) where I focussed exclusively on minis and stitched something extra for the Smalls SAL, I decided that for this month I'd focus on a mini/small that was bundled in my "Box of Shame" - that dark place I hide my UFOs so as not to be haunted by their pitiful cries!

I am absolutely ecstatic  about being able to cross another project off my list of pre-2014 WIPS/UFOs!

A drum roll if you please for my absolutely gorgeous little piece ! :D
Yes yes...I know we aren't supposed to call our own pieces gorgeous and that normally we focus on the fact that we miscounted ....but I am so happy about this little piece that I've decided to overlook the fact that the beads are not quite where they are supposed to be and that I didn't quite do the whip stitch as it should have been and I used 2 threads for one set of stitches when I should have used 1...and etc etc etc :D

I'm just going to bask in it's tiny glory and be happy :)

"Colonial Roses" Biscornu by The Sweetheart Tree
Stitched on 32 count Rue Green Belfast Linen
Using DMC Floss

A view of the side :)

Little piece of loveliness :)

Now....before I forget...Nancy has listed some more giveaways .....
- 30 skeins of her gorgeous Sampler Floss here
- Another choice....linen aida or floss here! How do you decide??!
- A surprise gift specially selected by Nancy here

There's still some time to enter any or all of her give-aways, so don't delay!

To those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a wonderful day :)

Take care

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mega Mini #3 .....TUSAL & more give-aways :)

Well.....that's rather a mouthful for a post title isn't it? But it kinda covers it all :D

I've been working on my biscornu top (or is that bottom??) this week. Funny how this little piece takes so long! It's just so fiddly!!!'s finally done!

"Colonial Rose Biscornu" by The Sweetheart Tree

Top and bottom....side by side...

Now to stitch them together! Which is the plan for this week :)

Daffycat hosts the Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long :) And it's that time of the month again to here are my orts for the month!

Quite a bit of them....and some fluff from those moments when I had to frog....

I'm pretty sure that the  whole of blogland is aware of Nancy's generosity.....but if you haven't yet....then do head over to her blog and enter the give-aways that interest you! I've mentioned a few in my last post here, and since then...there has been a few more that she's holding....
 - choose between a gift voucher or fabric here
 - a stunning sewing necessaire here
 - a choice of any chart in her ebay store, here
 - a surprise present here
 - more floss (40 skeins!) here

Any plans for Sunday? As it's just me and the kiddies (hubby is off travelling again!) we're off to the movies tomorrow to watch "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" :D
Should be fun! I saw a trailer and it had a kangaroo in it.....and an alligator! (Well....I *think* it's an alligator...but it could very well have been a crocodile for all I know!)

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday afternoons and that you'll have a wonderfu Sunday :)

Take care

Monday, November 17, 2014

IHSW & Mail....wonderful mail!

Did you all have good weekends? :) Did you hermit? Or go our and do fun stuff?  Or was is just a plain old "blech" weekend?

I actually had a bit of it all this weekend! Let's see....the little buggies had a bit of a tummy bug so Friday and Saturday were spent trying to cheer them up....inbetween trying to stitch too!
And Sunday was a bit of a fun day! I got to have a massage.....we went to the movies ( watched Tarzan)....and ofcourse I stitched!

Remember this?

That I had unpicked and restarted?
Well I had done  some work on it last week, so at the start of the weekend I had this......
Believe me....the fabrics are the exact same....the first is just a really shoddy pic!

Anyhoo.....I'm pleased to say that there was progress this weekend! (yes another shoddy pic....sorry!)

"Sunflowers in Summer" by CCN
Stitched on 30 ct WDW linen - "cocoa"
using recommended threads

I will have another finish from my 2012 CJC by the end of this year! 

Oh! And I almost forgot....Friday is kind of part of the weekend! And after almost 3 months of an empty post box....I had mail!!!! WHOOPEEEE!!!!!!!
You see....our wonderful postal service has been on strike for's now in it's 4th month! Most frustrating!! BUT! I got some of my long awaited bits.......

All of this........

And hidden in these little packages were these...

In September (yes that long ago!), I got chosen to be #41 to stitch the Travelling Pattern "Count your Blessings" by Shakespeare's Peddler. Gillie, very kindly included the second chart....sorry I seem to be having a spate of bad pic taking, but the chart is "Blooms of Spring" by Hands to Work :)

The rest of the little packages are all ebay purchases made in August....

Lovely fabric trims lace and stuff!

My set of crochet hooks!!!

I'm a happy little bunny :) 
There's still quite a few things that's out in the land of I'll be watching my box until I know that it's all here!

Now....I know that I'm trying to wittle down my WIPS and shouldn't be signing up for anything new....but I couldn't help myself....I tried not to...I did! But....I am weak willed and have no discipline...sooooo.....I have signed up to participate in Donna's (from "By The Bay Needleart") year long block of the month. It's an absolutely gorgeous design that Donna has designed and will be releasing over the 12 months of 2015. You really do need to head over to her blog and read all about it and see this beauty yourself!

And as a final note....have you headed over to Nancy's ? She has some really really lovely give-aways planned - from hand dyed linen  or aida(three chances to win!), to  floss and trims, charts and a gift voucher  or two to her ebay store! Do yourself a huge favour and head over and enter them :)
In addition to the give-aways, she is also offering some really super savings...check them out here

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Take care

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mega Mini Movember #2

Well well.... Another week of November down! And it's been a fairly unproductive one this end of the planet!

As I may have previously mentioned, I stitch at night... which means that I need extra lighting. I have a standing lamp that I use a daylight globe with and it works perfectly for me. Well...I should say worked! It decided that it had had enough of my late night shenanigans and made a strange crackling sound (nearly wet myself in fright when it did that!!) before spewing forth a cough of smoke! So no lamp >(

I eventually couldn't any longer and went to get a small one on Wednesday. It's not what I wanted but it sheds sufficient light to let me stitch.

And this is what I've done on the mini...

Colonial Rose Biscornu by The Sweetheart Tree
stitched on 32 count Rue Green Belfast linen
with recommended threads

Top all finished... beaded and all :)
I'll get started on the bottom half next week

It's IHSW this weekend so I've been working on my second piece for the month. Hopefully I'll get some of that done too!

If you're hermitting then do have fun!

Take care

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nancy's 25 Days of Christmas Give-Aways!

Nancy is having another one of her fantastic give-aways!!

Today's give-away is for some gorgeous hand-dyed linen or aida (you get to choose!)

If you haven't yet entered.....then do head over here!

Check back at her blog daily as she will be posting a new give-away every day!

Take care

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mega Mini November!

Have you signed up for this month's MMMM? Our lovely hostess this month is Justine :)

Last month was a great success, and saw me having 11 mini finishes - 5 cards, 3 bookmarks; 2 small pillows and a fob :)

Of course I worked exclusively on minis - which meant no progress on my HAED...or Castle...or any of the oher pieces whose pitiful cries begging to be taken out of the UFO box has been steadfastly ignored...

So this month will see me tackling minis in a slightly different manner. I have  one or two small pieces in my UFO box that I'll be dusting off....starting with this piece

I started this piece way back in 2012 ....the year "Mad Stitcher Disease" struck and I signed up to participate in the Crazy January Challenge...... 
I put in the first few stitches as you see above and that was that......this poor  piece has been languishing in the dark recesses of the "Box of Shame" waiting for it's moment to shine!

I know it doesn't look like much here....but like a butterfly, this ugly duckling will metamorphasise into a gorgeous swan before the end of this month....and I'll have one more finish to knock off that list on the right! Can you guess what this piece is? :D

I've taken another piece from my box to work on this month....

I've frogged this bit though.....Decided that I didn't want to start here so essentially this piece will be done from scracth. I *think* I should be able to get this done during the month too! Fingers crossed!

I'll be back with some progress shots on my mini and some more details on what it is pretty soon :)

Take care