Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Small SAL Check In

Well hello again :) Two posts in two days? Most unusual for me I know :) But it's time for the Small's SAL check in! I'm linking up with Heather from Stitching Lotus. Curious to know more about this SAL, then head on over and check out the easy rules :) It's not too late to join the fun! 

I had hoped to have my little pillow (I have yet to venture into another finishing technique.....maybe next month I'll surprise with a flatfold or something equally marvelous!!) done by today.....but with crochet and everything else distracting me....I only got the stitching done.

This delightful freebie chart (along with many more) can be found here

Anybody else notice that the last 3 designs stitched have all featured little blue birds? :) I've the fabric for the backing all ready for this one....and will be tossing in a wee bit of lace too! I'm hoping to overcome my fear of working on the sewing machine and doing the finish with the machine.....fingers crossed I don't stitch my fingers to the piece!!!

Have a great week all!

Take care

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April's TUSAL

Another month past....and we're almost midway through 2014! Time seems to be speeding past with ever increasing speed!

And as the title of this post would's TUSAL report time again! (to learn more about the TUSAL, click the little button on the left hand side - it should take you over to Daffy Cat's blog where she explains this novel stitch-along :)

As you can see ....there has been stitching taking place. I realised  after I took this pic that it may not have been the best way to show them...but I couldn't take a new one as I was dashing off to the shops!

April TUSAL threads
This month saw me spending most of my stitchy time working on the Castle, and then also stitching my small for the Smalls SAL (but more about that tomorrow). I've also made a new start last night......and I just *know* that this one will be a challenge - more about that some other time too :)

Tomorrow we're all off to the coast (about a 5 hours drive from home) to spend a few days just enjoying a break from it all. I haven't decided what I'll be taking along.....Castle? Crochet? I haven't been able to get back to crochet again so maybe this is a good opportunity! This evening has not seen me stitching at all - I've been putting the last of my DMC threads on their bobbins and I have yet to complete this task.....will have to this evening tho!

Take care

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

She's got it!!

Well got there about 2 weeks back....but being the clever little garden gnome that I am...I forgot to take any pics of the finished product, and as she was away when it arrived, I had to wait for her to get back and send me a pic  - which she did last week but I forgot to post it!

"What!!??" you may ask.....well......the exchange piece I stitched for Mary in the FriendlyStitchers Exchange!

I decided to do a little stitcher's pocket (I think that's what it's called anyways!)

This is the finished stitching before I put it all together with a close up of some of the stitching.....

And this is what it looked like once it was all done....

I had lots of fun doing this was something I had on my "Want to Stitch Someday" list, so getting the opportunity to do so was lovely!

The crochet bug seems to have taken a hold of me and I did not touch Castle last night at all.....
Instead I spent the evening playing with hook and yarn and trying a few differnt tutorials on YouTube - I never realised that there were so MANY different ways to crochet a granny square!!! I did a few rounds....and spent a considerable amount of time on this square...

It's not perfect (I did one double crochet instead of 3 into one of the chains!) but this is practise :D
And really did take me a few hours to do would appear that I'm not only a rather slow stitcher....but crochet-er (ummm.....would that be the correct term for someone who crochets??) too!

I hope you are all doing well.....enjoying the sunshine wherever it is or keeping warm and cosy if it's a bit chilly :)

Take care

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

IHSW & Happy Easter :)

I do hope that all who celebrated Easter had a blessed weekend :) Mine was a lovely one...spent with family and friends and doing what I love! We have another longgggg weekend coming up here in South Africa....the 27th of April marks the first free democratic elections, so Monday will be a lovely day off...and then ofcourse May 1, being Worker's Day will  mean another day off! Schools here will be closed that entire week, so I've taken the week off work and hopefully we'll head out somewhere and have fun with the kiddies)

Can you actually believe that a quarter of 2014 has gone? Yikes! Very soon shops will be resounding with "Jingle Bells" and "Fa la la la lahhhh" :)

Did you get some stitching done this weekend? Or did you just spend the time relaxing and vegetating?

I spent my IHSW working on "The Castle", which will be my main project until I get it done ....what with middle bug constantly peering at my hoop and saying "Are you only *that* far with it????" (with much disbelief and derision at my inability to stitch faster than a snail!) I think I had best concentrate on getting it completed or I will have no peace!

This is how far I'd got by Sunday evening....

The Castle

Close up of the froggies

With only 3 more rows of the moat water to go, I'll be starting with the rest of it pretty soon! If I don't get distracted that is!

Distracted? By what you may wonder! Well....after almost 5 years of promising to have a go at crochet, and countless missed starts and failed attempts, I managed to play with hook and yarn yesterday!

Practising single and double chain
That doesn't look like much...and really it wasn't meant to! I just wanted to have a try at practising single chain and double chain before attempting a granny square! (which, I admit, is the main reason I wanted to learn to crochet)

So after numerous wonky starts and a number of muttered beepy words....the first round!!!

I'm using  a YouTube tutorial by Melanie Ham (she has a lovely useful blog too...the link will take you over to her site)..starting and stopping as I go along. I'll continue with another round this evening, before I do some more on the Castle :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week doing what you love :)

Take care

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A rather good buy!

Well that's what I thought when I got this old needlework box!

I won it on a local auction site and I'm rather pleased with it....

Wooden needlework box

Hand painted flowers
It does need a bit of work hinges...a screw or two missing.....a sand down...a varnish....but it is a beauty! Dad will be arriving for a visit on Sunday.....guess this will keep him busy  :D

To those participating in the IHSW....which happens to be this weekend....hope you get loads done! I'll be stitching along too....inbetween the bits planned for the long weekend....there's Rio 2 to watch....a picnic in the park with friends....a morning at the spa for a massage (mmmmm)....that's just a few of the things on the go that will take place between oodles of stitching!!

Have a great weekend all :)

Take care

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A drum roll if you please :)

Or should I be saying.....a needle roll!

Rose Mosaic Needle Roll by M Designs
Stitched on 32 ct "Sunshine" Lakeside Linen
Using recommended WDW and Silk Mori threads

After a start in 2012 as one of my crazies, it's finally done :) My first ever needle roll and I'm really pleased with it!

Mum's been visiting the past week and a bit as I mentioned before, and we went
to visit the charity shop. As of the treasures I could not leave behind!

Hoo Hoo :)
Found these little owls ... I used to collect owls way back when I was a teen ....thought I'd re-start my collection!

These little beauties will look gorgeous somewhere.....

Little Porcelain plate

I have no idea what I'm going to do with these hankies....but had to have them! They've been hand stitched on Irish linen.....

And the best buy of the day definitely has to be this wooden jewelry box.....

Hubby says I should sand it and give it a varnish....but I'm not so sure I want to. ...

I do hope that you've all been keeping well and having a lovely week :)

Take care

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stitcher's Exchange....

I think I mentioned at some stage that I was participating in the Stitcher's Day Exchange that was held over at the Friendly Sticher's Yahoo Group :) Well....I've received the most adorable needlebook from Mary in France :)

Mary has kindly let me know where she had found the chart :) She's added her own tuches to the design, but for those who may want to stitch something similar, it can be found here.

I'm awfully smart though and managed to send my exchange piece off to her without taking a final pic. I have pics of the piece before I put it together....but forgot to take that one last final shot when it actually looked like something! So will post as soon as Mary sends me a pic :)

How has your week been then? Getting lots done?

Take care