Monday, December 29, 2014

A drum roll and cymbal crash if you please!!

As I have one last whoop-dee-doooo finish to celebrate!!!

Yes I do!! I do!!! And it's not a little finish either :P ('s not HAED  sized....but well it did take me a while!)

I present to all it's splendour ....King of the Castle!!

King of the Castle by Jenny Barton
Featured in WOCS Issue 187
Stitched using DMC threads and metalics
on 28 ct evenweave
Yes I know it's a rather tatty pic,.....I haven't mastered the art of taking stunning pics :P

Here's a little close up of the part my son thinks is so cool.....the creepy eyes (his words!)

He's a very happy just have to get it to the framer!

I've been home these past two weeks with the kiddies and we've certainly been doing loads! From movies to swimming....tree climbing and paintballing (ok...I didn't climb the tree or shoot....that's what their dad does :D I just go along for the drive!) and relaxing!

Hope you're all enjoying your holidays....stay safe!

Take care

Monday, December 8, 2014


I mean really honestly and truely!! How frustrating !!!

I've been working on this piece during the week.....

Sunflowers in Summer
I've managed to get quite a bit along the way......

So what exactly has me frustrated?
Well.....let me explain (I'll try to be brief!)

I purchased the supplies for this about 3 years ago.....along with a load of other bits and it was one of the pieces I had chosen to stitch in the 2012 CJC. Being the bright crayon in the box.....I didn't exactly think that I may have needed more than 1 skein. And the pattern doesn't give an indication anywhere about how much you'd need either..... dilema.....I am about out of the green...and need another skein., I go to purchase ONE skein of Baby this is all I need......
And I find it.....One skein is about $2 at most of the shops.....BUT would you believe me when I say that  every single one of them wants to charge me about $7 to post???? Really????? ONE skein???? How much does ONE skein weigh that they are charging me three times the cost in postage???? Surely even costing in the envelope to place said skein into.....$7???!!!!!!

As Gentle Arts is an overdye, and I've already done the bottom lettering and swirls in it, I'm left with the dilema of either ripping out the lettering and using a DMC substitute, or just leaving it until I get an order together that would justify this ridiculousness.....
Let's hope brother gives me a voucher for my birthday in Jan......then I can get some bits !

Now.....enough of the ranting.......

As KimM was the only stitcher who indicated that she'd love the TP, I'm happy to say that it'll be back on it's way to the USA soon! 

Hope you all had wonderful weekends :)

Take care

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Travelling Pattern is ready to Travel!

After waiting a couple of months to get here (thanks to our 4 month postal strike!), I am happy to announce that this little jewel is ready to continue it's travels across the globe :)

I had not wanted to start stitching it until I knew for certain that the strike was started it on Saturday, and put the last stitch  in last night :)

"Count Your Blessings" by Shakespear's Peddler
Stitched on 16 ct aida
Using a mix of DMC, Gentle Arts & WDW threads

This chart has been to quite a few places over it's many years of travels - Oklahoma, Canada, Greece, South Africa (two trips here actually!), Ireland, France and Spain.

Would you like to be stitcher # 42?

If so please leave a comment below :)

The only requirements to be considered as the next stitcher is that you promise to stitch it up quickly (which I really did....just had to delay getting started as I didn't want to post it out while the strike was on and risk it going awol!), and post a pic on your blog!

Another finish for 2014....yay!!

Have a great week further all :)

Take care

EDIT: Forgot to add that I'll post this out on Monday :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

When is enough.....really ENOUGH?

I've spent the weekend clearing out my craft room. Hubby has more need of the space as an office, and as I really don't *use* the room for anything other than to keep my bits and bobs in (I normally move the sewing machine into the diningroom whenever I have to use it and I stitch in the lounge infront of the telly every evening). I decided that the room would be best used as his study.

Now....what this has meant is that I needed to wade through my *stuff*. And as I moved everything out of the room....I realised that I've become consumed with things.....there's just so many things! I have enough fabric to complete quite a few I may have to use a different colour or count....but is that really so bad? I have more patterns than I'll ever get through.....with still more on it's way from orders stuck in the system during our postal strike! There are more magazines than I'll ever stitch through......

And then there were the Black Friday emails....tempting me and seducing me to come and spend money that I could ill afford...which...I am happy to report...I managed to resist! 

So....I asked myself....when is enough ......enough? 

I've allowed myself two little luxuries for the new year....the Serenity Harbour BOM Club...and Jenny's Monthly Stitchery Club.....but have decided that that will be it. There will be no more purchasing of stitchy supplies! Once my fabrics finally get here (the ones that's still stuck in the mailing system) then I shouldn't need to purchase more....I have enough....

I've already loaded a box with magazines and books that I know I will not use and am hoping to sell it on a local auction site here. At this point I just need to declutter. And I'm seriously hoping that I'll be able to do so.

Do you have just enough? Or too much? Are you decluttering? Or still building up your stash?

Well....if I win stash then that is a totally different story now isn't it? :)

And speaking of's a few more lovelies from Nancy!
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Hope you all have a lovely week :)

Take care