Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SFS Jan 2015

Month : January
Spent: Zero
Earned: Not going to track - will try to remain within the $25 budget!
Carried forward: $25

Subscription not included in Budget: Serenity Harbour SAL $6

Not too bad a start to the new year don't you think?

Right....before continuing I should just declare that I'll be tracking and reporting in USD -  I buy most of my stash online and pay in US $
Speaking of buying......I placed a number of orders online during the strike period last year.....and guessed it.....I'm still waiting on these to get here!!! Giveaways won are still stuck intransit too!! This is so frustrating and highly annoying!!

On the stitchy front there has been a lack of mojo....which has meant that my plan to finish the alphabet sampler has not materialised :(
I have, however finished "U" and "V"

.......apologies but pics will have to be added in a bit later! I can't seem to get them to upload!

Finally!! I can load the pics :D

Still to go....Worm....Xylephone......Yellow......Zoo!!!

Hope you're all having a good week.....and if you're in a cold weather area please be careful and stay warm!

Take care

Sunday, January 11, 2015

YOTA ~ Jan 2015

I's the first YOTA post of the year and I'm late :(
So sorry.....I promise that future posts will be on time!
This great SAL is being hosted by Pull the Other Thread

I am really hoping to make 2015 the year of UFO busting....and I'm not off to too great of a start.....
I had hoped to get some stitches into this piece.....

"Woodland Enchantress" by Dimensions Gold
Stitched on 16ct dove grey aida
With threads as supplied in kit

Alas this was not to be as I've been feverishly stitching on  the Alphabet Learner. My boss and his wife are expecting their first child in the first week of February and I'd like to get this piece completed and gift it to them. I had started this piece a few years back, intending it to be for my youngest, but as she's way past learning the alphabet and I had been wondering what to do with it if I finished it....I got to thinking that this must be the reason I've never finished it is meant to go as a gift to this new baby :) shhhhhhh.......just accept that as the reason.....

I'm left with the last line .....V W X Y Z

Yes....before some observant reader notices.....I still need to finish U, but as I've been stitching on it since taking those pics, I'm not counting it as a need to be finished letter.

Thereafter it's definitely Woodland Enchantress.....this is going to be mine!

I've been watching quite a few of you with your January Crazy starts :) You're all doing so good!

Have a great week all!

Take care

Thursday, January 8, 2015

20 Years Ago.....

On this day.....

We decided that it may be a good idea to get married :D

As many will attest....marriage is not  a guarenteed happy ever after. It's taken hard work and faith and trust and so much more to get here....but it's worth it :)

Hope you are all having a lovely week....and if you have lots of the white stuff to deal with then do be careful!

Take care