Friday, February 27, 2015

SFS February 2015

Month : February
Spent: Zero
Earned: Not going to track - will try to remain within the $25 budget!
Carried forward: $50

Subscription not included in Budget: Serenity Harbour SAL $6
                                             Sew & Stitch Magazine $15

I had forgotten last month to declare my subscription to "Sew & Stitch" Magazines . This is not Cross stitch specific so not sure if I should be putting it here, but as it's a subscription I've had since last year I guess it doesn't much matter, does it?

If you're wondering what SFS is all about, head on over to Mel's blog and read all about it :)

With orders from last year still flowing in, the urge to splurge has been all but crushed :) That being said, I think we all know that stash buying isn't always about needing anything!! I'm convinced its a ....I want to say disease but the word just sounds so harsh! So I''ll say.....affliction? Whatever you wish to call it, suffice to say that very often we don't need the items ......we covet it....want it for some future project...and then we get seduced by the next piece of loveliness we see! If we were men and stash were women....we'd be married/in a different relationship every week HA! :D

With my fabric for the Serenity Harbour getting here (atlast) I could make a start with it. I'm not quite done with Part 1 but had a bit of a bumpy start....I had stitched the second flower in its entirety only to find that I had miscounted and had to frog the flower and vine! (I had to remind myself there is a reason why the saying "Count Twice Stitch Once"is there!)

I've changed pretty much every colour in the design....and actually had to redo rose 1 as I wasn't happy with the first colour choice.

I think my substitutions are rather pretty :) I don't much like pink roses so this peachy colour worked better for me :)

I've also been stitching on to follow in my YOTA update :)

Oh oh!! I've been meaning to post a pic of this forever!!!! (Forever being since I finished it in the first week of January of course :D

This is my first ever crochet's a giant granny square that I did with 2 colours I had in my stash. It's kinda lopsided and not quite square....or rectangular......but I'm rather pleased with it :) It's my eldest bug's to start my son's one....hopefully he'll have his by next year winter :D

Have you been having fun? Keeping away from the white stuff that seems to be around in your part of the world? It's still relatively hot here and the kids are swimming most days....not sure how much longer though...I'm starting to feel a slow chill creep into the mornings....

Have a fantastic weekend all :)

Take care

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I tried.....

I really had every intention of hermitting this weekend past.....I really had! But then it sometimes interfered with my plans!

There was my Saturday morning 5km run....which is not too much of an issue as I have been doing it for the past few weeks...
Have  I mentioned that I've started running?? It's such great fun! Well....I don't run the full 5 kilometres but I do try! I registered with a group called Parkrun....they have these runs all over the world so if you're interested you can check and see if they have one near you :) I ran......(taking a bit of a brag now.....check my times below! Not great but not too bad either!!)

After the run it was off to the eldest's school to help out at the Fun Day .....and thereafter I just couldn't bring myself to stitch......a nap was called for!!

Sunday was Mommy Day :) I'd forgotten that we had planned it.....
Once a month I join 2 of my pals for a lunch....which normally goes over about 5 hours :D It's a chilloout day when we just chat about nonsense and eat.....boy we have fun! We choose a different restuarant each month and try new things and basically have a Kiddy Free Day :)
Desserts were yummmmmm

Creme Brulle
Tripple chocolate mousse
Baked lemon cheescake with berries

And after those desserts I thought I'd try my hand baking some Anzac cookies! Jenny had kindly posted a link to a recipe on her blog.....and they looked so scrummy I wanted to try them. And they were delicious!! I'll be baking them again.....maybe less sugar for me as I don't normally take sugar ....but they were delicious and the kids polished them off!

Yummy Anzac cookies :)

So you see.....I couldn't stitch this weekend!!

I did receive 2 packages in the mail though!! Yay!!

Silly....I thought I'd taken a pic of the magazines but I haven't ....
I'd ordered some back issues of the Australian Magazine "Inspirations" from my favourite online Aussie store, Colours Down Under. Jo had sent this off to me way back in September last year.....

Posted 16 September 2014!!

And the Halloween chart that I'd won in Nancy's giveaway also got here .....

My Witch's Brew by Nancy Turner (Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe)

Posted November 4, 2014

I must admit that having these packages pop up like they do has been rather fun....they're like surprise lucky packets as I have forgotten what's in most of them :)

And to those who may have wondered if my son's cap ever surfaced......well it did.....last week Friday......BUT he's blazer was hijacked on the same day ....there's just no winning is there?? He had been playing soccer and when he got back to the stand his blazer was gone and another one left in it's place. There's no name in it so no way to contact the he'll have to wear this one until I go get him a new one.... The joys of boys hey!

Hope you are all having fantastic weeks!! I'll be back soon with the SFS update!

Take care

Saturday, February 14, 2015

So sweet :)

Hubby and I don't make much of a fuss over Valentines Day....even when we dated it has never much featured on our calendar. And this year was no different....for us. But for a little boy it certainly was a day unlike any other . Let me explain.....

I don't think that I've ever mentioned that my son attends an all boys his interaction with girls is rather limited. We have a few friends with daughters and then of course his sisters :)

Let me get to the point......ok......on Friday evening his school held a Valentine's picnic ......the school choir sang and they had some talented violinists playing....a really lovely evening.

That afternoon I went to pick my son up at school as normal....and when I got there I was  rather annoyed at him as he had lost his school cap. The school has rather strict rules around uniform....and all boys *have* to wear their cap every day...along with matter the weather! And as I'd just purchased the cap a month back I was ....needless to say....rather ticked off. So we walked back to the car with me scolding at him....and he blithely telling me he'll wear his old cap on Monday......
After putting his bag in the trunk of the car, he got into the car holding something blue in his hands and I thought " awwwww....I'm scolding him and he has gone and got his Mum something for valentines!" Not so!!! When I asked him what it was....he just looked at me calmly and said....oh....I bought this for Zara (Zara is a little girl that he was at nursery school with and I'm still friends with her mum -they were joining us that evening at the picnic).  He then proceeded to tell me that he was starving - he had used all of his lunch money to buy her the gift ( normally the kids take a packed lunch, but on a Friday they are given money to buy lunch at the tuck shop). My heart just melted! He was so excited and pleased with himself.....he had chosen the scarf specially for her because it was the prettiest color and her favorite....and the chain was the same as the one he had! And now could I please stop at the shops to buy a gift bag to put his gifts into!  How could I say no!!??! He was starving but first wanted to go and get the bag.....and please could I buy her a chocolate! So off we went and he chose the bag and chocolate and couldn't wait for the evening:)

The chosen baggy.....

It was so sweet!....After all the excitement he was just so shy to give it to her....
When they were about to leave from the picnic...he went over to her ...handed her the baggy...said "Happy Valentine's Day Zara"  and then ran off to go play soccer with his friends!!! I just had to giggle after. My sweetie is going to be a good man to some lucky lady when he's all grown :)

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend....I certainly am :)

Take care
Thoeria xx

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Package!!!! A Package!!!

Yes indeed!!! Can you believe it??? That makes it 2 packages over the past 2 weeks! The first one was the fabric I'd ordered from Nancy at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe for my Serenity SAL - which is going rather well now that I've  finished the Alphabet .....oh and before I forget....Nancy is having another great give-away so head on over ...she'll be drawing the winner on Valentines Day!

But I digress.....packages.....right.....

Yesterday I went to check the mailbox.....more out of habit than actually expecting anything...when I saw I had a slip to collect something from inside the post office. Imagine if you will my excitement when I opened up my brown envelope from Wasatch Needlecraft.....think kid in a toy shop where the candy is free!!!

On to the drool pics........

Lizzie Kate - Good Things
Lizzie Kate - Tingles Flipit
Lizzie Kate - Less=More
Just Nan - Barnabee in Bloom

And a little more.....

Hands on Designs - Gather
Blue Ribbon Designs - Through the Trees

And just a wee bit more....

Long Dog Samplers - Count your Blessings
Wendy KC Designs - Weekenders
And the last smidge :D

BBD - Loose feathers Part 1
A  GORGEOUS piece of  R&R Irsh Cream 30ct Linen!

I'm so very excited to have these goodies! I think I mentioned before that when I shop online I do tend to be a bit manic - postage charges are crazy so I always feel that I need to toss more into the basket to justify the postage spend :D

It's only taken 2 months to get this package here....

Posted Dec 12, 2014
Let's hope all the other pieces floating out there will make it's way to my box soon!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Take care

Monday, February 9, 2015

YOTA Update 2

I have done it!!!! It's taken me longer than I had wanted or thought it would....but IT....IS.....DONE!!!!!

I had wanted to get the last stitch in before posting.....and I did so last night!!!

WooooHoooooo!!!! Happy wiggle for me!!! The Alphabet Sampler is completed! And about time!! My boss and his wife were blessed with a gorgeous little girl on Monday, 2 Feb :) 





And in all it's blurry glory :D

"The Alphabet Sampler"
A Dimensions Kit design by Chris Davenport
Stitched on 18ct Aida with the kitted threads

I got one small parcel come through the mail .....the fabric I had ordered for the Serentity SAL.....soooo I can't wait to get started on this!! Part 1 and 2 are I'll be spending this week playing catch up :)

On the home front...we took the bugs to watch Annie this was FABULOUS! I absolutely loved it :) Next weekend I promised that we'd go and watch Spongebob......should be interesting :D

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that your week will not be too hectic!

Take care