Thursday, July 30, 2015

SFS July 2015

Month : July
Spent   : $0
Earned: Not going to track - will try to remain within the $25 budget!
Carried forward: $25

As with the first 6 months of the SFS challenge, I'm going to be tracking my spend (if any!) in US dollars......though with the currency exchange rate being what it is....postage being what it is....and the fact that I've decided until my Chatellaine charts ordered in November last year gets here , I won't be doing any serious online purchasing.....
what was I mumbling in about........
Oh yes! I was trying to say that it is rather unlikely that I'll be making any huge purchases these few months!

This is week 2 of the old folks's stay and we're still taking each day as it happens....not only is the cliate here vastly different to Cape Town's, the people and drivers and culture is too!

I've not done any stitching this past week.....I just can't seem to get my mojo going! I'm thinking maybe just starting something new, or getting out one of the really old WIPS (or should that be UFOs!) will help get things back on track. Think I'll try that this weekend!

Hope you're all been keeping well and enjoying your stitchy time!

Take care

Friday, July 24, 2015

Honey...I'm home!!

Bet you thought I'd done a runner again huh ?! :D
It has been a while since my last post.....and I've been absent from most of your blogs for a while....and for that I do apologise! It's been a rather busy and chaotic time. make up for my absence I thought it best to bore you with a long detailed post on what I've been up to :D

First there were my internet and email woes..... in South Africa.....we have the most inept bunch of ninnies running things. We experience power outages on a regular basis....well....not really outages as these are planned get cut off the power grid for 4 hours when the demand is too much for our wonderful State run power supply company. These regular outages..... called load-shedding... have played absolute havoc with not only our ability to cook and do normal things like watch telly or read at night....but also with all other electrical equipment...such as the ADSL router. So no internet if it carries on for long enough no hot water as the geysers won't heat up. But....enough of that....just wanted to paint the picture of what the bunch of crazies running this country has been up to. Oh.....and then.....for a cheek....they applied to increase the electricity tariffs by almost 25%! Needless to say that was shot down!

So....what else.....

Ahhhh.....then there has been the BIG MOVE.... Dad is diabetic....and has chronic kidney needs dialysis thrice a week. My Mum is hard of hearing and has her own set of medical conditions. Hubby and I decided that as I am now at home, it would be better for them if they moved to Johannesburg to be with us. This has been a really difficult time for them....they have lived in Cape Town their whole life.....and the house for over 35 years. Having to put the house on the market was not an easy thing. As it was the school holidays, we all went down to be with them and help with some packing and then we all flew back together, Most of their things will follow later. It's been a week and they are settling.....well...not quite settling..that will take a while longer I think....but they know that we're doing this for them and because we do worry about them being alone in that large house...if Mum falls at night, Dad is too weak to help her and if he'd had dialysis the day he'd be in no condition to even get to her! And if Dad get's ill  at night...Mum would't be able to hear him as she is is quite frankly deaf if her hearing aid is removed! So...we are trying to make them comfortable and let them know that we really do want them with us-it's not easy if you've been independent to now hand over some of those burdens. And of course my 2 cats are not happy with the fact that Mum has brought her cat along as there's been lots of kitty growls and angry hisses to deal with as well!

On the good news youngest sister and her boyfriend decided that before the old folks moved, they wanted to get married :) SO an impromptu, small and informal little wedding was held before we left. They will have a bigger reception in the new year :) Oh.....and my nephew is due in January! So excited about that! I've been looking at knitting patterns ....what to knit/crochet!! Oh....and a baby sampler is called for too!!!

Now....I haven't forgotten that this is essentially supposed to be a stitchy blog :D
I've been doing very little of that.....but I did manage to get a few stitches into my YOTA piece....even though I didn't get to post my progress last month! I've been working on it expect pics in the next YOTA post!

I think I mentioned at some point that I had signed up do participate in a Stitched Envelope Exchange organised by Mii Stitch. Oh what fun that was! I decided to stitch  "A Quaker Envelope" featured in A Gift of Stitching, Issue 15 April 2007. And as it has safely arrived with Mii.....I can share pics :)

Without any further ado......

The back of the envelope

Stitched card
"Bebunni" card kit
The World of Cross Stitching, Issue 227

A little bit of goodies to fill the envelope....
The card is covering the address on the front of the envelope :)

I've also been working on "Summer"....and am so close to finishing it I can hear the music of my happy dance :D

"Sunflowers in Summer"by CCN
Stitched on 30ct Cocoa Linen using the recommended threads 

I bet you're wondering what still needs doing before I can start doing a mad crazy celebratory shuffle!
Well....for starters....this....

Bit difficult to see....but that line just below the sunflower? Well.....there's about 10 stitches that's missing the top arm of the X

And then there's this.....

Well....there's a bee missing between the two leaves

That's really it! Like I said....not much stitching taking place....Serenity needs attention does my Drawn Thread Sampler......too much to stitch and too little time!!

Have a lovely weekend you beauties :) I'm oing to be trying to play catch up on all your blogs!

Take care