Monday, September 28, 2015

Thieves!!......... And Marvelous Mail!!!

Thieves!!!!! They've sneaked up on me and stolen it!!!

Have you seen them?? Have they been around at your place too???

I woke up this morning and August was GONE!!! And September is also an almost distant memory!!!

Things have been busy busy busy in my little patch of sunshine!! Oh and it sure has been a sunshiney patch! Seems the thieves have run off with Spring too!! Our temps have been in the 30s these past few days.....HOT!

I've had builders all over the place the past month. We've been doing some renovations to get Dad -them into their own space, The builders have been amazing......seriously! The  owner is here every day....knocking down walls....building ....climbing up the roof etc etc etc! This is not always the case with builders normally see the owner once or twice and then he leaves the site with just his workers and they normally work at a snail's pace because ....well....who's going to tell them otherwise!! But not Marcus (the builder)! He's here with his son and they are both in the thick of things. They're about done....just adding a few finishing touches and what we've see ......we're really really happy! I'll take pics once they're done :)

On the stitchy front there has not been much happening.....I've been focusing on Serenity Harbour as I am rather behind with this SAL. I didn't quite realise just how MUCH stitching was involved with this piece! But it's a gorgeous stitch and I can't wait to finish it! (and being the numpty that I am....forgot to take a pic before I started this post......I'll include a pic next time!

There has also been a wee bit of crochet taking place.....

This is my son's blankie.....I'm doing a simple "granny stripe" pattern. I know there are probably loads and loads of these patterns out there, but I'm using Lucy, from Attic 24's design as I love how she explains things to a beginner like me and the photos that she almost always tries to include in her tutorials (this one doesn't have the pics, but it's really so well explained by Lucy that you wouldn't need the pics!)!

Now....on to the really really GREAT stuff!

A while back Kim (Wisdom with Needle and Thread) hosted a "Pay It Forward" event and I was one of the lucky lucky chosen ones (saying it like that makes me feel like Luke Skywalker or Bilbo Baggins.....the Chosen :D) I'll be doing a separate post very soon (promise!) on what exactly the PIF involves, but have to share Kim's absolutely gorgeous gifts....

I know it wouldn't be very polite to stick my tongue out and blow raspberries....but I feel like a little kid with a new toy that no one else has! :D

Thanks to our dire postage delivery service (it's a year now and still no sign of my Chattelaine charts!) these arrived last week. Thank you thank you thank you Kim! I love my gifts! You are an amazingly talented needlewoman!

As always in this neck of the woods, when it MAILS! I also received my lovely stitched envelope from Lynda! I was spoiled! Thank you so much Lynda


Now do you guys see why I say I was spoiled???? My kids were fascinated by the shells andsmooth glass "pebbles".... it's got it's own spot in the display shelves :)

On an absolutely totally and completely non stitchy note........I am now a registered road runner with Athletics South Africa and have received my licence number :)

I'll be running my first 10k next month......I'm so excited!! I'll no doubt finish it last.....BUT....I will finish it :)

Now....let me stop bothering all you lovely people with my rambling!

I'll be back to do the SFS post!!! I missed that last month as well .....OOPS!

Take care


Linda said...

Lovely gifts Thoeria. Good luck with the run.


Heather said...

Wow lots of great gifts! Good luck with the run!

Preeti said...

So many lovely gifts, enjoy!! Congrats on being licensed runner :) have you been an athlete before?

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely gifts from Kim!!!
I can't believe your envelope just got delivered!!!!
It looks great :)

Stitching Noni said...

I know exactly what you mean about that time thief! He has been visiting me as well!!
I am so pleased to see that some of your mail got through.... wonder if those Chat designs ever turn up?? Gorgeous gifts!
Good luck with your run next month - doesn't matter where you place its all about being in it!! :o)
Sounds like you have a got lucky with your builder too :o)
Hugs xx

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely gifts and congrats on being a licensed runner, you must feel very proud. Hope the race next month goes well.

Brigitte said...

Oh my Thoeria, what a mail day - or better mail days these were. This lovely envelope from Lynda stuffed with little goodies, and then the PIF from Kim, all these wonderful things. But sorry to hear that the Chatelaine charts have never turned up. It's a sad thing but what can you do?
Nice blanket you are crocheting for your son. I love the granny stripes, you can so happily play with the colours.
Good luck with your first 10K next month!

KimM said...

So wonderful to know you received your gifts. I was took so long....but now they've arrive in their happy home.

Justine said...

Lovely to see a post from you. You sound like you have been busy - no wonder the time thief managed to sneak past you! I think he has been here too. Your mailbox goodies all look wonderful.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Time does run away from us! I sat down for five minutes after tea to look at a couple of blogs and two hours have vanished somewhere!

Nice to see all the goodies arriving at once.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You received some beautiful gifts.
Good luck with your 10k run.