Monday, February 29, 2016

I gave myself permission....

Given my overly energetic activity yesterday...I gave myself permission to spend the day on the couch :D

Well....not the whole day....dishes had to be washed and beds made, but after all that nonsense was ut of the way I spent some quality time with my knotty tree....and manged to get it all done and dusted! I'll be starting tree 2 tomorrow....and from the instructions this one should be a quickie! I'm planning to do it as a winter tree,,,,unless I get struck by another spell of insanity!! I figure that a winter tree won't be needing leaves...sooooo....let's see what tomorrow brings!

But that's's French knot tree :)

French knot tree - Crazy Quilt class

The postie has also been good :) Unexpected gifts from a very dear friend of mine in Australia :)

I've never tried long stitch but this is such a cute design....aren't koalas just too cute?! The kit contains everything to complete it.

DMC Longstitch Kit - Porthole
I forgot to share the gorgeous "Serenity Stitching Book Kit" that Donna from By the Bay Needleart
had created for those who signed up for the Serenity SAL with her :)

Cute little dove charm!
The fabric ...gorgeous Serenity print!

All my excitement with the running yesterday had me forget to mention the giant hole in my ceiling thanks to a burst water tank in the roof (the hot water geyser tank as it's called out here!)

Bathroom ceiling.....
It's been a week and we're still waiting for the contractor to come out and fix company has assured us that he was going to be here last week.....
At least the hot water geyser has been replaced!

I'm off to gather my materials for tree 2! Have a lovely evening all :)

Take care

What was I thinking??!!

Well.....clearly I *wasn't* thinking at all when I made certain decisions!

Starting on the stitchy front.....the first task (yes I'm behind with this one!) that we were given in the Crazy Quilt class was to create two trees...
Now by itself this does not sound like a crazily hectic task, does it? It does, however, become a lot more challenging when your own infinite decide to make one of the trees a french knot one.....

Block 1 with its French Knot Tree

I haven't as yet started tree 2, but have made the block.
I've decided to work on a 6"x 6"sized block for this class

Block 2
Still on the stitch front....I have finally completed Part 6 of Serenity!!!

Part 6 all done!

Serenity Harbour
Parts 1-6
On the non-stitch but still "what the heck was I thinking???!!!!" front....I completed my first ever half marathon yesterday!! That's a total distance of 21.1kms.....or 13.1 miles for those who don't do metric :) No I did not RUN that full distance...I ran...walked....plodded and cursed my way through it!

Finishing Medal :)

I crossed the finish line at 3 hours 4minutes and 48 seconds :)

And after all that.....I had to rest my weary feet before starting the 35 minute drive back home :D

This was my practise see if I could actually go the distance...and if I would stand a chance to finish it before the cut off of my next race which takes place on the 26th March :) I'd say I stand a pretty ok chance of not getting turned back

I will no doubt be unable to move tomorrow.......

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Take care

Saturday, February 6, 2016

See what I found!

Yesterday I spent some time trying to sort through the linen cupboard....and in my attempts at tidying-up came across this........

The "treasure"in the linen cupboard!
And what exactly is the crumpled pile of fabric?? 


And "this" is the very very first apron I had ever made!!! Ohhh the memories this piece brought back!!!

I was 10 years old when we were tasked with stitching and embroidering an apron for our needlework class :)

I remember copying the design from one of my colouring books....

I remember adding the "decorative"stitches to the border....

I remember stitching the seams hand!

I remember chain stitching the strawberries....and more importantly....while trying to remove some "bad" stitches....cutting a hole the size of Africa (well it felt that way to my 10 year old heart!) in the strawberry! I remember the crocodile tears and wails of torture at the cruelty and unfairness of life that forced me to have to do needlework!!! And I remember my Mum fixing the hole for me in some "magical"way that only a mum can :) I know she probably used some interfacing....but at that stage it seemed positively magical!

The öffensive"strawberry
Ahhhh.....the memories this apron brought back :)

Do you have any of your school stitching lying around hidden  away?

Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope it's restful and enjoyable! I'm off to my Turkish cooking class today.....three colour bread and a turkish potato salad on the menu.....yummmmmm

Take care