Thursday, April 21, 2016

Oh fiddlesticks!!!

I am sooooo sorry.....the plan had been that as soon as I was back home that I was going to be on and regaling you all with the tale of my exploits into the mayhem and madness of running a 21km race!! Alas....I arrived home and immediately got swallowed by the chaos that ensues when kids are on school vacation and just life in general!

But....I will nevertheless bore you all with my prepare yourselves for a rather long post :D

Let's see.....race morning dawned dark and chilly....I was up at 3.30am..... dressed....fed ....and on the road by 4.30am. The first mishap occured when we got to the race parking area, only to discover that due to the extreme congestion, the shuttles that had been promised would be available to shuttle runners to the start venue was running  my friend Aysh who had come along to be my cheerleader (ain't I cool.....a one woman football team with it's own cheerleader :D) and I, along with a multitude of other runners, started the 2,2km walk to the starting line in a light persistant drizzle. We got to the starting area with time to spare, and I breathed a sigh of relief....thinking this is it!
Of course.....this is me.....the madam of mayhem.....and to cut a long story short....after hearing a starting gun going off somewhere out front....I discovered that I was in the wrong starting pen.....instead of being in the half marathon start area....I was in the ultra marathon block!!! I crossed the starting mat a full 3minutes and 59 seconds after the official start......
For the most part the race was an amazing experience....a marvel of endurance and camaraderie and exhilaration and pain and with moments of extreme self doubt - believe me....there was that moment when faced with what is called the "Southern Cross Drive" - a hill that climbs for about 2.6km/1.6 miles - and then the 3km/1.9mile climb along Union Avenue near the end....when I really thought that there was absolutely no way that I would ever manage to get my wobbly rear across the finish line before the cut off time!!! But you know what?? I did it!! Just barely.....But I finished it before the cut off....and have the medal to prove it :)

And as crazy as it sounds, I can't wait for next year!! I plan to be back there....running that 21kms all over....beating my time :) I've been back to training again and am focussing on building up more strength and stamina!

Okay okay okay! Enough about the runny stuff :)

It's not only my feet that has been busy this past month :) In my last post I mentioned that I was contemplating a new start or two...

Jo has shared her finish of "A Dark Alphabet" (a freebie design by Ïn the Company of Friends) on her blog on a number of occassions and I've always resisted.....but...I am weak....and I could withstand it no small start ...

A Dark Alphabet - freebie design by In the Company of Friends
Stitched 1 x 1 on 28ct evenweave with DMC threads
Then, Rachel had so many gorgeous Lizzie Kate pieces going that she inspired me to pull out one of the charts I have and I started  this one

"Be who you are"by LK
Stitched on 36ct linen over 2
I'm using a mix of different over-dyed threads that I have in my stash (Gentle Arts, Weeks Dye and Crescent Colours). I will be gifting this to my friend Aysh :)

I completed these 2 squares for the Stitch for Syria project....

Stitched on 14ct Aida with variegated Anchor and DMC threads
There has also been crochet taking place.....

This is my son's blankie that I've been working on for the past year. As you can see it's quite a substantial size at the moment (he has a 3/4 sized bed) so I'll be finishing it off before the really cold weather sets in here!

And lastly...we've acquired 2 new furbabies......

Meet Peanut and Pebbles :)

Can you guess which one is which ? :)

They've settled into the family beautifully and have trained the cats to leave them be - bunnies are cute and cuddly but they sure know how to let the cats know that they are not giant mice :D

I suppose I should end this rambling long post now. If you managed to get through all that then you deserve a medal!! You can't have mine though :P :P

Take care