Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Madness and mayhem...

Absolute chaos and turmoil!! That's what these past couple of months have been! I had this post planned and written in my head way back when May was still a month......no idea how it snuck past me! I feel like  Tom who is charged with protecting the piece of cheese....then waking up suddenly to find that Jerry has stolen it!

Image from http://aveleyman.com/ActorCredit.aspx?ActorID=79864

The really sad part of it all is that there really hasn't been that much stitching taking place!!

As I may have mentioned, my eldest is in her final year at high school. It's a tradition here that in the last year, they have what we call a Matriculants Dance (as the last year at school is known as your matriculation year). I suppose you could possibly equate it to the American Prom type dance. Anyhooo.....her dance was in May...so the most of May was spent sorting out the last minute bits...the dress was bought in December last year already at a little boutique that did one offs.....as heaven forbid she has the same dress as anyone else! :D :D

I do think she looked beautiful....but I'm kinda prejudiced!

Also in May, was youngest's 9th birthday....so we had another celebration! Well....two actually as her Dad had to go to Cape Town for business and wasn't here on the day....so we had a little cake and supper without him, then her party 2 weeks later when he got back :)

We also had a lovely surprise visitor.....my sister and her hubby....along with my nephew came to stay for a week :) He's just adorable!!

On the crafty side....well....I did say not much in the stitching department!. I did finish Lizzie Kate's "Be Who you Are"

"Be Who you Are"by Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 36 ct Linen with a mix of overdyes and DMC

I still need to get it ready for framing though!

I have, for the most part, been either knitting or crocheting...

On the knitting front, I finished this little sweater for my nephew. I can't find the link to the pattern right now, but will keep searching!

And I did some You Tubing to see how to work with double pinted needles (DPNs) as I really wanted to knit a beanie! I'm happy to report that working with DPNs are not as fiddly as I had thought they would be, and with the wool left over from the sweater I knitted myself this slouchy beanie!

Slouchy Beanie knitted with "Elle Rustica" 
I'm rather pleased with how it turned out and the kids as well as my dad have asked me to knit one for them as well :) I think it's the weather that makes me want to work with wool rather than threads and linen! This easy peasy beanie can be found here

I should have my stripey crochet blanket all done by next post.....so will post a pic of it then :)

Oh.....did you know bunnies are cable thieves??? Well....not exactly thieves....but they do chew through cables!!! We had quite a cold snap a few weeks ago, so I brought them into the house (they are normally out back where they're happiest). Well.....in next to no time they chewed through  one of the mobile phone charger cables....

As well as my telephone cable....

I need to go get a new phone!

Have a fantastic week all :)

Take care