Sunday, January 31, 2016

A bit of sewing ....and other stuff :)

A few years ago hubby bought me this little beauty....

 It's a fairly basic, entry -level sewing machine.....but for the longest time (and I mean years!) I was scared of it! It languished in a corner all sad and forlorn.

I have since overcome my fear of using her....but she wore nothing but this piece of horrible-ness....

Well...I finally decided to do something about it, and spent a few hours over the weekend getting her all dressed up :)

I trolled the internet looking for ideas on how best to create a cover, and there are loads of ideas out there!  I had first thought I'd get all fancy and incorporating some applique and simple embroidery into the design, but decided to keep it simple. So no fancy side frills. Next time I can get creative :D

I've also been playing around with some pencils and colours :D

And drooling at the blocks in my new crochet books that arrived

I'm about halfway through my son's blanket, and will then be able to start on one for my youngest :) I can't wait to sink my teeth into a few of these blocks!

As I spent most of the weekend finishing the cover, I didn't get around to any baking....maybe tomorrow....

I had not planned on joining any new stitchy endeavours or SALs.....but when I saw that Kathy Shaw is offering another of her wonderful classes (this one will cover embellishing with thread...including surface embroidery motifs, beaded and silk ribbon monograms and more!) I *had* to sign up! The work covered should take up until April to complete, so I definitely won't be able to complain that I don't have anything to do!

I hope that you all had wonderful, restful weekends :)

Take care

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Back to Normality...

Well.....I'm not sure if many would call crazy goings-on here "normal"!'s about as normal as it's going to get....

The kids have all started back at school (I always find it strange that elsewhere the school year statrs at the end of the year!). This year sees my eldest start her final year in High year she's off to University! Oh my!

Back to School.....And so another year starts!

Now that the kiddies are back to school and we're returning to our scheduled madness...I have been busy with this and that.....

Sadly, not much this-ing or that-ing on Serenity....

As you may notice (or may not as it's such a tiny teeny patch!) I've added a bit of dark green grass to the bottom piece of Part 6.

I have also managed to piece together the first 12 blocks of my Seaside Quilt...

Putting these blocks together has certainly been a learning experience for me. Trying to get the block seams to line up just right have not yet been mastered....

Wonky blocks with seams not quite aligned!

But....I'm ok with that....well.....relatively ok.....I admit that I unpicked the seams more than once before deciding to let it be .....the unaligned seams will add it's own charm (yes I keep telling myself that when I look at them ...and maybe I'll convince myself totally about that if I keep repeating it :D)

I finally settled down to stitching something for my nephew.....after two false starts on pieces I initially thought "Yes!! That's it!!"
While sorting the pile of magazines I came across this and thought....well....that is cute....and blue.....and pretty....and blue.....and has space for details.....and blue.....(get the picture?)

Duck Duo Chart featured in World of Cross Stithing Issue187
You can't properly see it...but there's a yellow flow in the print of the fabric.....really pretty!

I have also been baking....

Choc Chip Cookies
I try to bake every Sunday....something for the kids to pop into their lunch doesn't last the whole week matter how much I bake! 

And I've also been doing some reading :)

Have you ever picked up a book and found yourself wading through it with some difficulty? I'm normally a big fan of the Alex Delaware series, but made the mistake of reading some of the personal reviews on Goodreads, and think this may have clouded my usual optimism! Do you ever put a book you've started reading aside? I try not to.....but it does make for slow reading!

Well....I'm off to watch my son on the cricket field!

Have a lovely day all.....and those who are in cold weather areas please take care and stay snuggly!

Take care

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Resolutions anyone???

What is it about the start of a new year that has many of us running around like mad trying to start the year "afresh"....."anew"... "a better/stronger/fitter/healthier/more disciplined"person???
I admit that I gave up on resolutions of any that nature many many years ago.....the guilt at not being able to go the distance was just too debilitating!! And besides....every day is a new opportunity to be any or all of the above!

So instead of resolutions.....I spend some time reflecting on the year that had passed and what lessons I may have learnt. And there are always loads of those.....some I'd have preferred to have not been reminded of.....and others that that have me grinning as I remember the circumstances around them :)

So no long lists of goals....just a few changes that I have made.....

1. I will go through my stash of magazines and do a serious culling......
Like many stitchers, I had (notice that I've used the past tense there!) a HUGE stash of magazines....these are some of them!

About 2/3 through my magazine sort

I've spent some time over the last few evenings paging through each one of them with a serious eye as to whether or not I'd ever stitch the designs. Where a pattern caught my fancy and held my interest, I removed it. Shock and horror!!! I have always been set against doing this, but I really did not want to keep the entire magazine if all I wanted was one chart!

The free kits that I decided to keep have been popped into a folder along with the chart, ready for when I want to get around to finishing them.

I've now passed along every single magazine to a friend who used to stitch and is thinking of getting back into it. She will be going through them to see if there are any copies she wishes to keep....and then I'll be dropping the rest at the charity shop.

2. I will complete Serenity Harbour this year....
Well I'm well into Part 6 at the moment so halfway there!

Not long before Part 6 is completed!

3. I will read more....

I used to be an avid reader.....before I discovered stitching! And somehow over the past few years between and life...reading had dropped off the radar. These past few weeks I picked up a book and was reminded of how I enjoyed being transported to a different world.

4. I will run  a half marathon....
And since I've registered and have my flights booked for the race in March.....there's no backing out of it.....even though I'm starting to think that I'm crazy!!!

That's it! Everything else I do this year will be a bonus!!!

And the year certainly has started on a lovely note.....

My youngest sister went into labour ....and we welcomed a new little one to the world on Tuesday! I'll only be meeting him when I go to Cape Town in March though....but he is sooooo cute!!

Guess I better get started with the sampler and finish off the monkey!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Take care