Friday, March 25, 2016

A quick note....'s the day before  the "BIG ONE".....tomorrow morning this time I will have been running for over an doubt cursing myself for being an absolute idiot....but giving it my best shot :)

Rain is predicted....and along with the wind it is going to make for an interesting morning :D

There has been limited stitching taking place.....a new start or two thanks to Jo and Rachel's wicked influencing :D Buuuttttt more about that in another post...when I can share pics!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

I'll hopefully be back next week with some stitchy news and a tale or two about the race :)

Take care

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

One crooked twisted tree.....

I've finally managed to finish the second tree for my crazy class....hmmmmm......who would have guessed that I'd sign up for a class on crazy :D :D

I'm not so sure about this one though...

The tree itself is what's called a twisted tree...not the type of tree....though I'm pretty sure there is a tree out there called a twisted tree....but I'm referring to the method of creating the tree :)..and it's really easy to do. 

I had mentioned that I had a vision of a winter tree with no leaves.....but once I'd finished the tree and took a good look at the just screamed "incomplete" to I was forced to add some ribbon embroidery to make it look a little less empty.

Now the tree itself is not the's the placement of the tree in the block

Can you see that?? Can you see how lopsided and skew and funny it looks in that block? I'm hoping that as I start to fill the rest of the block this leering to the side crookedness will be less apparent.

I've also finished off  another easy block on my seaside quilt :)

With autumn knocking on our doors here in the Southern Hemisphere, the schools have yet again sent out an appeal for knit/crochet blocks to be made into blankets for distribution to the I'll have to squeeze some blocks into my day as well!

Oh.....and I did another 10k race on Sunday :) No pics...I'm pretty sure you're tired of my sweaty mug :D :P

On the celebratory front, Kim who blogs over at Wisdom with Needle and Thread is throwing a huge party for her 60th :) She's wanting to complete 60 RAKs for the year !! Her work is lovely and I for one would LOVE to receive a piece of her gorgeousness .... read all about it by following clicking the button right at the top on the right of your screen :)

Have yourselves a fantastic week all!
Take care